Making History – The Campaign for the University of Virginia

The Campaign for the University of Virginia launched in September 2006 with an ambitious purpose and a profound sense of obligation. The obligation and the purpose of the campaign was to fulfill Jefferson’s vision in our own time and to secure for the University a permanent position among the top universities in the nation and the world.

The campaign has succeeded in building a foundation for the University today and for the future. This foundation — built through the generosity of alumni, donors, parents and friends — will allow the University to shape its own destiny, to fulfill its public mission, to achieve true distinction and to transform the course of learning and inquiry.

UVA has retained its high standing in the nation and in the world, thanks in part to the Campaign for the University of Virginia, the ninth-largest fundraising campaign ever in higher education. This campaign is one of only 10 higher education fundraising campaigns to raise more than $3 billion and one of only four public universities to raise more than $3 billion.

The final campaign newsletter and this site present a small selection of the campaign’s accomplishments and examples of how it has touched many areas across the Grounds. You will read about students enlightened by Jefferson’s vision, who have benefited from campaign support as they live and learn at an institution acclaimed for its student experience. You also will learn about faculty members, leading scholars, researchers and teachers, whose work has been enhanced by the campaign. And you will understand how the Campaign for the University of Virginia has upheld and supported Jefferson’s mission to provide the best education for the nation’s future leaders as they seek the truth, share it with others and use it for the public good, proving that indeed knowledge is power.

Thomas Jefferson wished for the graduates of this University to achieve what he called “destinies of high promise.” Thanks to the many generous supporters of the Campaign for the University of Virginia, his hope will be fulfilled. Thank you for your part in this historic achievement.

Dollar amounts and number of donors given on this site are as of June 30, 2013 (unaudited).