Thank You to Everyone Who Supported the Campaign

Thank you to the many people who played a role in the Campaign for the University. Thousands of alumni, parents and friends gave their time, money and talents to help surpass the $3 billion goal.

Campaign Executive Committee

Under the leadership of the Campaign Executive Committee, the campaign succeeded in building a foundation for the University today and for its future growth. This foundation—built by the generosity of alumni, donors, parents and friends—will allow the University to shape its own destiny, to fulfill its public mission, to achieve true distinction and to transform the course of learning and inquiry.
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National Committee on University Resources

National Committee on University Resources comprises approximately 383 alumni, parents and friends from 29 states who have agreed to give their time, energy and counsel in support of the Campaign for the University of Virginia.
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Parents Committee and Parents Fund

In 1980, a group of parents, recognizing the University’s need for expanded external support, formed the UVA Parents Committee at the University of Virginia. This volunteer group was established to administer gifts to the UVA Parents Annual Fund.
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Reunion Giving

“COME BACK, GIVE BACK” — That’s the call undergraduate alumni celebrating their graduation anniversary heed, returning to Grounds to mark the milestone with classmates and give back to the University they love.
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Realized Bequests, Deferred Gifts and Future Support

Since 2004, we know of more than 1,226 donors who decided to include the University of Virginia in their financial plans, working with the University to establish new deferred gifts and providing future support through their wills.
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University of Virginia Giving Societies

Members of the University of Virginia Giving Societies help support the future of the University through their generous gifts.
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