Glenn Borror

When Glenn Borror (Wise ’13) first visited UVA’s College at Wise, he was impressed by the friendliness of the people he met there. Four years later, the thing he values most about his small college experience is the bond he feels, not only with the students, but also with faculty members who have become friends.

Laila Ouhamou

Last fall, when Laila Ouhamou (Col ’06) attended a reception for alumni given by President Teresa Sullivan, she did not expect it to feel as if she was coming home. No longer a recent graduate, Ouhamou worried she was losing touch with her University. “Without the events for new graduates, through alumni clubs, I felt like I had dropped off after being out [of school] for a while,” she said.

Daniel Crocker

Daniel Crocker’s involvement with a UVA engineering class in Panama City, Panama, led him to reflect on his own time spent in Charlottesville. Through his position at the US Embassy in Panama, he helped coordinate events for students participating in a January term class in the School of Engineering and Applied Science.

John DeYoung

Sustaining What Works John DeYoung (Engr ’99) John DeYoung understands the value of a fundamentally sound design. A senior manager for noise and vibrations testing at the Nissan Technical Center in Stanfield, Ariz., he credits the strong fundamentals and balance in his undergraduate experience in the School of Engineering and Applied Science as a foundation… more >

Rachael Eller

Living the Liberal Arts Rachael Eller (Col ’12) Rachael Eller is living the wisdom of her liberal arts training every day. The recent graduate, an art history and English double major, has worked at The Fralin Museum of Art since the start of her fourth year. One of her first responsibilities was cataloguing items of… more >

Lily Bowles

Strengthening Her Community Lily Bowles (Col ’12) Lily Bowles is all about making connections. During her four years at the University, this Jefferson Scholar from Washington, DC, has been on the forefront of developing initiatives designed to link members of the University with academic and civic engagement activities that they are passionate about. She has… more >

Madeline Chiavini

The Power of Matching Gifts Madeline Chiavini (McIntire ’11) As an undergraduate at the University of Notre Dame, Madeline Chiavini sampled a wide variety of courses. When she graduated in 2010 with a degree in literature and philosophy and a passion for the workings of the financial world, however, she knew she had to fill… more >

Jim Rutrough

Alumnus Finds There’s No Investment Like Education James E. Rutrough, Jr. (College ’71) The son of two teachers, James E. Rutrough Jr. grew up in a family that valued education. “The importance of education was dinner-table conversation every night,” Rutrough said. “Appreciating what my own education did for me took longer.” Still, with his background,… more >

Charles and Arika Cocke

Building on Family Tradition Charles (McIntire ’00) and Arika Cocke (Nursing ’00) Charles “Chas” Cocke, Jr., likes to say he grew up in Scott Stadium’s east parking lot. The son of an alumnus, with several other relatives who attended the University, he and his family from Northern Virginia spent a lot of time cheering on… more >

Joel Stone

Appreciation for a Dynamic University Joel A. Stone, M.D. (College ’70, Medicine ’74) For Joel A. Stone, a self-described “street kid” who grew up in Brooklyn, New York, memories of his first visit to the University in 1965 remain fresh and detailed. Arriving with his father, he was struck by the lush green of the… more >

Tashi Tsering

A Gift from Across the World Tashi Tsering (Engr ’04) Tibetans around the globe have Tashi Tsering (Engr ’04), and a few others, to thank for being able to type in their native language and alphabet on their computers—a capability most of us take for granted. “If your machine is running Windows Vista or Windows… more >

Patricia Melcher

Supporting the Vibrant Student Experience Patricia Bryant Melcher (Engineering ’82) For many college students, there comes a pivotal moment when a classroom discussion, a conversation with a professor, or a special project inspires them to take a path they hadn’t previously considered. For Patti Bryant Melcher, that moment came on a spring day during her… more >

Lisa Holloway

Breaking Out of the Comfort Zone Lisa Holloway Barber (Col ’03) Lisa Holloway Barber wasn’t prepared for the culture of scholarship she found when she arrived at UVA Growing up in a working class family, she attended average schools where she was rarely required to think in order to get good grades. All that changed… more >

Douglas Moll

Better Late Than Never Douglas Moll (McIntire ’91) Douglas Moll was shocked to read the e-mail from one of his former classmates announcing the progress toward his class’s 20-year reunion giving goals. He remembers thinking that the original goal would easily be achieved. But when the note came indicating that the percentage of his classmates… more >

Susan and Lee Piepho

Love of Travel Inspires Couple’s Bequest Lee (Grad ’72) and Susan Piepho (Grad ’70) “I have found out that there ain’t no surer way to find out whether you like people or hate them than to travel with them.” — Mark Twain By the time they met on a ship leaving Hoboken, N.J., for Rotterdam… more >

Denise and Doug Stuard

Grateful Parents’ Support Extends from UVA to the River Thames Denise and Doug Stuard (Parents ’13) At an hour when most students are still sound asleep, Scott Stuard (Col ’13) is already putting hand to oar in one of his grueling six-days-a-week rowing practices. Rowing hasn’t always been Scott’s thing. In fact, before walking on… more >

Joel Weber

Fostering a Sense of Connection Joel Weber (Darden ’10) Growing up as the child of two UVA faculty members, Joel Weber (Darden ’10) has deep roots at the University. While he earned his undergraduate degree at Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania, when he was looking around for an MBA program the Darden School of Business was… more >

Jessica Childress

Double ’Hoo Gives Back as She Journeys Forward Jessica Childress (Col ’07, Law ’10) From a young age, Jessica Childress (Col ’07, Law ’10) had a “profound appreciation for UVA” instilled in her—primarily by her mother, a Curry School alumna, and her grandfather, a former University employee. Thus, it is unsurprising that after seven years… more >

Pamela Norley and Wayne Wall

Investing in Human Capital Bequest Allows College to Attract, Support Top-Notch Faculty Pamela Norley (Col ’82) and Wayne Wall (Col ’81) As a third-year psychology major planning to go to law school, Pamela Norley (Col ’82) wanted to get more involved in volunteer activities. Inspired by consumer advocate Ralph Nader, who spoke at a Madison… more >

Jim and Kathy Tune

Couple’s Passion for the Performing Arts Leads to Bequest Jim (Col ’64) and Kathy Tune “You get out of life what you put into it,” said James F. Tune (Col ’64). “If you are willing to get in and explore and experiment, you can get a lot out of it.” Tune, who attended UVA on… more >

Eric Gartner

Reunion Sparks Alumnus’ Bequest to Architecture Eric Gartner (Arch ’82, ’85) Eric Gartner was 5 when he told his kindergarten teacher he wanted to be an architect when he grew up. “I was always drawing buildings as a kid and building little cities in our playroom,” he said. “I don’t think I even knew exactly… more >

Lee Ellen Fleming

A Passion for the Arts Classroom Inspiration Leads to Support for Visiting Painters Series Lee Ellen Fleming (Col ’09) VIDEO–> Lee Ellen Fleming talks about why she supports the arts at UVA Lee Ellen Fleming arrived at the University from Dallas with a deep interest in politics. She began her academic career majoring in political theory… more >

Douglas Andre

Acknowledging a Top-Notch Education Non-Traditional Law Student Finds Great Value at UVA Douglas Andre (Law ’09) considered himself a very discerning customer when he chose to enroll in the School of Law. After completing a 22-year career as an officer in the U.S. Navy, he wanted to enter the field of tax law. But it… more >

Monika Shafi

Building Blocks Mother Grateful for Son’s Formative UVA Experience Monika Shafi’s son, Karim, was not recruited for the UVA wrestling team when he came to the University as a premed student in 2009. He developed an interest in the sport late—as a freshman in high school—so he wasn’t among the players college scouts were keeping… more >

Jazmine Basanes Taylor

That Wahoo Spirit Return to Grounds Inspires Young Alumna to Make First Gift Jazmine Basanes Taylor (Col ’00) Jazmine Basanes Taylor hopes to see her children follow in her footsteps. “They’re two and four years old, and they already know how to shout ‘Go Wahoos!’ when we’re watching a game,” said Taylor. The former psychology… more >

Sheila Creason

Far Away But Not Out of Reach Scholarship Helps Ease Mother’s Worries When her daughter, Sonya (Col’ 13), decided she wanted to go to the University of Virginia, Sheila Roberts Creason was a little nervous. It would mean sending Sonya off to a school more than 2,500 miles from their home in southern California. But… more >

Marvin Rosenblum

They Did the Math So Others Could Learn Gift Creates Marvin Rosenblum Professorship in Mathematics In 1984, undergraduate Mendel Rosenblum (College ’84) quietly revolutionized how University of Virginia faculty, students and staff would communicate with one another by developing UVA’s first electronic mail—or “email”—system. Now, 27 years later, Rosenblum and his wife, Diane Greene, (above,… more >

Paul Barkley

Taking on a New Role Paul Barkley (Arch ’60) Paul H. Barkley has built a distinguished career as a practicing architect and a developer of commercial real estate projects in Falls Church, Va. “Since my earliest memories as an elementary school student, I had dreamed of being an architect—at that time it seemed like an… more >

Travis Hodges

Into Africa Travis Hodges (Col ’10, McIntire ’14) As a first-generation college student, Travis Lee Hodges was in awe of all that the University had to offer. After taking an international relations course, though, he developed a strong interest in development politics. But a high school history teacher had turned him on to Africa, so… more >

Roger Millay

Alumni Family Supports English Fellowship Through Living Trust Roger Millay (Col ’79) Roger (Col ’79) and Robin (Col ’80) Millay, both English language and literature majors, are firm believers in the value of a liberal arts education. “A liberal arts education gives a person a broad perspective on the world,” Roger Millay said. He sees… more >

Sharon and Mark Hazelgrove

A Dream Realized Sharon Hazelgrove (Parent ’10) Sharon Hazelgrove’s son Mark (Engr ’10) was in fifth grade when he decided he wanted to go to UVA “He didn’t even apply to anyplace else,” Hazelgrove said. “His grades were never lower than an ‘A’ all through middle school and high school, because he was determined to… more >

Linda Murdock

Daughter Thrives in UVA’s Climate Linda Murdock (Parent ’12) When Linda Murdock’s daughter Carolyn (McIntire ’12) started her college career at Northwestern University, she didn’t realize how much of a “Southern girl” she really was. “The Chicago climate was very harsh,” said the Nashville native. “Her dorm was on Lake Michigan and the wind chill… more >

Caroline Trube

Alumna’s Estate Gift to Fund College of Arts and Sciences’ Scholarship Caroline Favrot Trube (Col’83) A native of New Orleans, Caroline Favrot Trube (Col ’83) credits her parents with instilling in her the importance of giving back to her alma mater through volunteerism and philanthropy. But it wasn’t until she accepted a fundraising position at… more >

Thomas H. Smith

Retired Physician Seeks to Ease Financial Strain for Pediatric Residents Thomas H. Smith (Med ’64) Money was tight when Thomas H. Smith (Med ’64) was finishing his medical training at the University of Virginia. He had married his high school sweetheart and they had a young daughter. As a pediatrics resident in 1966–67, he earned… more >

Lynn Van Dermark

The Right Thing to Do Lynn Van Dermark (Nursing ’87) The ability to spot and take advantage of business opportunities is one of the hallmarks of a successful entrepreneur. As the CEO of Dallas-based MedTrials Inc., Lynn Van Dermark (Nursing ’87) saw an opening in the early 1990s for a consulting firm headed by health… more >

Mustafa Popal

Returning the Favor Mustafa Popal (McIntire ’08) Mustafa Popal didn’t realize until he graduated and spent some time in the workforce how valuable his experience at UVA really was. “When you’re in school, you never think about what a great university it is or that the quality of the education is top notch,” he said…. more >

Harry Elson II

Building an Architect Harry Elson II (Architecture ’91) Among the posters and pictures on a young Harry Elson’s bedroom wall were drawings of Monticello and the Lawn. Jefferson’s creations still influence Elson’s work. “The Architecture School continues to be important to my position as an architect every day,” Elson said. He runs Harry Elson Architect… more >

Puja Seam and Jamey Thompson

Backing the Essentials of University Excellence The University’s Jefferson Literary and Debating Society may seem an unlikely setting for romance, but for Puja Seam (College ’00) and Allan J. “Jamey” Thompson III (Engineering ’00), that’s where theirs began. “We met the second semester of our second year in the Jeff Society,” Seam recalled. “We were… more >

Dawn Oakley

Easing the Transition Dawn Oakley (Parent, ’13) Dawn Oakley’s son Elliott (College ’13) had been at UVA for all of six weeks when he called home anxious about having to find an apartment for the next school year. He and his friends, it seems, were feeling pressured to sign a lease early or risk not… more >

Stephen Riddick

Meaningful Gift Made Possible Through Bequest College ’85 A visit to Grounds as a high school senior sealed Stephen A. Riddick’s decision to attend the University of Virginia. “You can read about the tradition, the legacy, etc., but it really wasn’t until I was on Grounds, walking around, running into former classmates, that I felt… more >

Allan Hirsh

Gift of Retirement Plan Assets to Support the Commerce School Allan T. Hirsh III (Commerce ’71) Philanthropy has always been part of the family heritage of Allan T. Hirsh III (Commerce ’71). “Whatever we could do, we tried to do,” said Hirsh. “It was just part of my upbringing.” A native Baltimorean, Hirsh came to… more >

Alexandra Roosenburg

A Teachable Moment Alexandra Roosenburg (College ’04, Curry ’04) When Alexandra Roosenburg was deciding where to go after high school, she thought she wanted a small liberal arts college. But with her sister and many of her friends going to UVA, the Northern Virginia resident thought she’d give the big university a try. Now she… more >

Charles McMurdo

A Quarter Century of Giving from the University’s Oldest Alum Charles McMurdo (Engineering ’29) In 1929, Charles McMurdo walked the Lawn at the University of Virginia, graduating from the School of Engineering and Applied Science. Today, at 103 years old, he is the oldest living alumnus of the University. He’s also one of the engineering… more >

Les Sweeney

Les Sweeney Finds a Way to Help Others Charles L. “Les” Sweeney II (College ’89) As a high school student in Wilmington, Delaware, Charles L. “Les” Sweeney II chose Mr. Jefferson’s University for the broad array of opportunities it offered—both in academics and in extra-curricular activities. Ralph Sampson’s prowess on the basketball court also had… more >

Richard Ramsey

Entrepreneur Honors Parents with Engineering Scholarship Richard L. “Rocket” Ramsey (Engineering ’76) Ask Richard Ramsey (Engr ’76) about his undergraduate years in the School of Engineering and Applied Science and he can tell you how the rigorous academics and problem-solving skills he acquired there provided him the tools he needed to become the successful businessman and entrepreneur… more >

John Stewart

Grateful Alumnus Supports Alderman Library with Gift Annuity John M. Stewart (College ’65) John M. Stewart (College ’65) could have attended Lafayette College on a football scholarship. But in his senior year at The Hun School of Princeton, New Jersey, he asked to borrow his French instructor’s car so he could visit his girlfriend at… more >

Olive Kendrick Britt

Bequest Honors Sister’s Nursing Career Born early in the twentieth century, sisters Patricia and Olive Kendrick were drawn to careers in health care. But their parents didn’t approve, so for a while, in accordance with their parents’ wishes, the two young women deferred their dreams. But the pull was too strong. Patricia Kendrick (Nursing ’56)… more >

Sarah Betzwieser

Joining the Tradition of Giving Sarah Betzwieser (Engineering ’04) takes a thoughtful approach to life’s decisions. Whether she’s choosing where to work or applying to graduate schools, she weighs the known factors, and, when it’s called for, embraces the unknown. When the Hickory, North Carolina, native was considering where to go to college, she wanted… more >

David Carley

Life Insurance Gift Supports Work of UVA Gerontologist In life, David Carley was a force of nature, always working for positive change. Before his passing in May 2009 from liver cancer, the real estate developer and businessman made arrangements to continue his good works through a bequest. A portion of the proceeds from a fully… more >

Roger and Barbara Calvert

Couple Creates Track Scholarship with Retirement Funds For native Washingtonian Roger L. Calvert (McIntire ’72), the University of Virginia was the only place for him, due to the relationships he had established through his brother, Gordon (College ’69). “My brother had a close-knit group of friends, including track team captain Jim Creekman, who was aware… more >

Jane Iris Crutchfield

Lifelong Educator Honors Mother with a Gift Jane Iris Crutchfield (Curry ’52) was the kind of educator students remembered fondly well into adulthood—one who cared deeply about young people and who loved getting them interested in books. Miss Crutchfield, a public school teacher and librarian, passed away in December 2006. Wanting to share the benefits… more >

Philip and Carol Cooper

Trust Increases Impact of Couple’s “Modest” Gift Philip Cooper discovered early in his medical education that he enjoyed solving mysteries. The son of a family doctor and a homemaker, Cooper grew up in Los Angeles and earned a medical degree from UCLA. He was drawn to pathology, which involved long hours of peering through a… more >

Jill Tietjen

Tietjen Gift Supports Experiential Learning for Engineers At a time when educators are looking for ways to engage young women seeking careers in math and science, Jill S. Tietjen (Engineering ’76) is a perfect role model. She was one of the first ten women to graduate from the Virginia’s School of Engineering and Applied Science…. more >

Barbara Graham

Retired Nurse Educator Invests in the Power of Knowledge Barbara A. Graham (Nursing ’70, ’75; Curry ’81) When Barbara Graham finished high school, she faced a choice between two different career paths—physical education or nursing. While both appealed to her, friends encouraged her to choose nursing and she entered a three-year diploma program. She has… more >

E. Mavis Hetherington

Fellowship Recognizes Psychology Pioneer E. Mavis Hetherington E. Mavis Hetherington, a pioneer in the field of developmental psychology, has been honored by colleagues, alumni and friends with the creation of a graduate fellowship in her name. The E. Mavis Hetherington Graduate Fellowship was awarded for the first time in 2008 to a graduate student in… more >

John “Jack” Lewis III

A Lifelong Devotion to the University Though much has changed at UVA since seventeen-year-old Jack Lewis (College ’59, Law ’62) enrolled in 1955 as a first-year, students today still do the things he did: walk the Lawn on the way to class, serve on the Student Council, cheer the Cavalier football team, pledge fraternities, and… more >

Martha and Jay Moore

Supporting UVA’s Academic Excellence Though they didn’t meet as students at the University, their story will ring familiar to many alumni whose paths cross and, in some cases, become one. Martha Fleming Moore (College ’79) and T. Justin “Jay” Moore III (Darden and Law ’83) met after completing their respective degrees. She had chosen to… more >

Gwyn Gilliam

Award-Winning Alumna Supports Architecture with Retirement Plan Assets Gwyn Gilliam (Architecture ’87) Growing up in Statesville, N.C., Gwyn Gilliam (Arch ’87) always thought she’d be a math teacher. But vocational testing in her senior year of high school indicated that her strengths included art. A career in architecture looked like a good fit. “Architecture is… more >

Frank Batten, Sr.

Visionary Entrepeneur Creates a New School of Leadership and Public Policy Frank Batten, Sr. (College ’50) Frank Batten, Sr., a visionary entrepreneur and philanthropist, has given the University of Virginia a gift of $100 million, the largest single gift in the University’s history, to create the Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy. This… more >

Michael Russell

Atlanta Businessman Invests in the Next Generation of UVA Engineers Michael Russell (Engineering ’87) Michael Russell has made a $150,000 gift to the University that combines his love for the School of Engineering and Applied Science and his support for the University’s continuing efforts to foster diversity on Grounds. Specifically, his gift will create a… more >

Richard and Alice Tilghman

Retired Banker and His Wife Invest in Academic Excellence For Richard G. Tilghman (College ’63), there was never any question as to where he would enroll following his graduation from Norfolk Academy. The University of Virginia was his No. 1 choice as he found the broad nature of a liberal arts education appealing. Having served… more >

Mary Lacey Long Wolfe

Student Experience Leads to a Couple’s Bequest When Mary Lacey Long Wolfe (College ’88) first attended the University of Virginia, she planned to be a pediatrician. But her academic course changed direction when she encountered “English for Non-English Majors.” “I really loved the teacher—Debra Nystrom—who was a graduate student,” she said. Other professors in the… more >