Tom Mendel

Ophthalmologic Research: Using Stem Cells to Combat Diabetic Retinopathy Tom Mendel (M.D./Ph.D. Medicine) Tom Mendel has a bachelor’s degree in economics, but it was a life-long passion for science that brought him to UVA “A lot of my roommates from college are working on Wall Street,” said Mendel. “But I never lost my interest in… more >

Terri Sabol

CASTL: Helping the Nation’s Neediest Students through Policy Change Terri Sabol (Curry ’11) Terri Sabol, a fourth-year doctoral student in the Curry School Risk and Prevention in Education Sciences Program, researches ways to improve the lives of disadvantaged students, focusing on early childhood education. Her interest stems from her high school years when she volunteered… more >

John White

Public Interest Law Offers the Chance to Make a Difference John C. White (Law ’11) The Mortimer Caplin Fellowship for Public Service With the Boy Scouts, John C. White helped clean up medical waste on a beach in Singapore. With the Catholic Church, he led a group of college students to the Dominican Republic to… more >

Melissa Tacey

Master’s in Commerce Provides a Boost Up the Career Ladder Melissa Tacey (College ’09, McIntire ’10) O’Connell Global Immersion M.S. in Commerce Endowment While an undergraduate at the University of Virginia, Melissa S. Tacey completed three summer internships with the U.S. Department of Defense. She learned that a bachelor’s degree would place her at a… more >

Justin Wilkes

Achieving in the Arts Justin Wilkes (College ’09) As a double major in biochemistry and music, Justin Wilkes had a decision at Final Exercises: walk down the Lawn with the McIntire Department of Music or with the Department of Chemistry. Mr. Wilkes, who had played violin for thirteen years and studied under National Symphony Orchestra… more >

Michael Chapman

A Fellowship Points a Young Teacher Toward His Dream Michael Chapman (College ’10, Curry ’10) Michael Chapman’s most memorable experience as a student teacher at Henley Middle School in Crozet, Virginia, came when the seventh-graders in his life sciences class gleefully sang the “Photosynthesis” song he had taught them. “I thought it was the coolest… more >

Nicholas Hargus

Double Hoo Award Inspires Collaboration Nicholas Hargus (College ’12) By any standard, Nicholas Hargus is a successful graduate student with a bright future as a neuroscientist. Working with Assistant Professor Manoj Patel in the Department of Anesthesiology, he has already been lead author on a paper exploring molecular mechanisms that contribute to temporal lobe epilepsy… more >

Ian Czekala

Engineering “Big Science” in Chile Ian Czekala (Engineering ’10, College ’10) The Large Hadron Collider and the Human Genome Project are just two examples of big science, research projects that are unprecedented in their ambition, their scope and, most significantly, their cost. As Ian Czekala notes, big science projects have become so costly that many… more >

Razan Osman and Selam Asihel

UVA Student Duo Receives Davis Projects for Peace Prize Razan Osman (College ’11) and Selam Asihel (College ’11) Two University of Virginia students have been awarded a 2010 Davis Projects for Peace award for their program to bring together Muslim and Coptic Christian orphans in Egypt. Razan Osman, 20, of Herndon, a third-year foreign affairs… more >

Ethan Heil

University of Virginia Student to Receive Udall Scholarship Ethan Heil (Engineering ’11) Ethan Heil, a civil and environmental engineering major at the University of Virginia, has received a 2010 Udall Scholarship. The scholarship, given by the Morris K. Udall Foundation in honor of the late Arizona congressman, provides up to $5,000 for one year of… more >

Christopher Oliver

Christopher Oliver Graduate Arts & Sciences ’08, ’12 John Toole’s career as a portrait painter flourished after he left the University nearly two centuries ago. In the summer of 2008, art history graduate student Christopher Oliver’s career took off when he directed an exhibition of works by Mr. Toole. Mr. Toole (1815–1860) was an artist… more >

Stephanie Passman

Five-Year Program Makes a Childhood Dream Come True Stephanie Passman (College ’09, Curry ’09) “Teaching is what I always wanted to do,” said Stephanie Passman, 22, who completed two degrees in May 2009: a bachelor’s degree in Spanish from the College of Arts & Sciences and a master’s in teaching, with a certification in elementary… more >

Amanda Sigler

Context Matters: Graduate Student Examines Novels Published First in Magazines Amanda Sigler (Graduate Arts & Sciences ’10) Amanda Sigler’s love affair with James Joyce began on a spring afternoon in 2001 as she read through materials used by Richard Ellmann in his 1959 biography of Joyce. She had plenty to read as an undergraduate at… more >

Manoj Sinha

Fueling the Future Manoj Sinha (Darden ’09) Thomas Wolfe was wrong: You can go home again. Manoj Sinha left home in Bihar, India, about a decade ago to study electrical engineering at Banaras Hindu University. He earned a master’s degree in electrical and computer engineering at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, and took a… more >

Dan Tarjan

Reinventing Life: The Strange and Wondrous Science of Biological Technology Dan Tarjan (College ’10) Last summer in a Gilmer Hall lab, Dan Tarjan (pictured above, left) and a team of fellow undergraduates created a new living organism. Using buckets of ice, vials of bacteria and “BioBricks”—strings of DNA manufactured in California—they altered the genetic code… more >

Kendall Wallace

Global Discipline Kendall Wallace (College ’09) In 2006, Kendall Wallace saw a gap in the University’s curriculum. But instead of just complaining about it, she, along with some like-minded students and faculty, did something about it. The gap involved the study of global development. While students could major in foreign affairs or area studies, there… more >

Tyler Spencer

UVA Graduate Tyler Spencer Receives Rhodes Scholarship Tyler Spencer (College ’08) Tyler Spencer, a 2008 graduate of the University of Virginia, has received a Rhodes Scholarship. Rhodes Scholarships, valued at between $50,000 to $175,000, fully fund two or three years of study, including tuition and living expenses, at the University of Oxford in England, and… more >

Xiao Wang

UVA Student Selected as Truman Scholar Xiao Wang (College ’08, Batten ’09) Xiao Wang, an economics major and Jefferson Scholar, won a 2008 Truman Scholarship during his third year at UVA “Xiao is an extraordinary student, and it has been a joy to work with him,” said Lucy S. Russell, director of the Center for… more >

Ross Baird

Ross Baird College ’07 “The very best faculty don’t train you to be great students. They prepare you to be great world leaders.” Politics major, Jefferson Scholar and president of the Class of 2007, Ross Baird came to UVA intending to study classics. Those plans changed when he took Professor Stephen Innes’ course on the… more >

Kristin Garrett

Kristin Garrett Nursing ’06 “By learning about nursing in South Africa, we gain a perspective that improves our experience as nursing students at UVA” For Kristin Garrett, a recent graduate of the School of Nursing, the key to learning is experience. After completing her fourth year at UVA, Ms. Garrett returned to the Limpopo Province… more >

Kyle Trowbridge

Access to a Dream Kyle Trowbridge, College ’11 It’s just like a UVA student to dream big. Kyle Trowbridge (College ’11) is an excellent case in point. After graduating in May 2011 with a bachelor’s degree in psychology, Kyle plans to pursue his dream of attending medical school. Though his parents and two older sisters… more >