Caroline Trube

Alumna’s Estate Gift to Fund College of Arts and Sciences’ Scholarship

Caroline Favrot Trube (Col’83)

A native of New Orleans, Caroline Favrot Trube (Col ’83) credits her parents with instilling in her the importance of giving back to her alma mater through volunteerism and philanthropy. But it wasn’t until she accepted a fundraising position at Tulane University that she began to act on that idea.

“Being involved in development opens your eyes to your values and philanthropic giving,” Trube said. “I realized that philanthropy is so much more than just calling on people and asking for money.”

While writing her first will in 2004, Trube began to ponder her own values and priorities. She consulted her parents, H. Mortimer “Tim” Favrot Jr. and Kathleen Gibbons Favrot, about their estate plans and decided to include a provision in her will to establish the Caroline Favrot Trube Endowed Scholarship at the College and Graduate School of Arts & Sciences.

Trube’s primary goal was to help the University attract the best and brightest minds while removing the financial hurdle that might keep qualified students from enjoying the same compelling undergraduate experience that she did. “I was fortunate to have parents who could pay the tuition,” she said. “I hope more alumni who were equally fortunate will consider funding scholarships as well.”

Trube, who majored in history, recalled the lasting effect of her undergraduate years on her life and career. “The faculty were so supportive and did such a good job of helping you find your strengths,” she said. “UVA gave me a powerful sense of self.”

And a liberal arts degree gave her the creative thinking skills she needed for a wide-ranging career in the nonprofit world, a career that led her to value giving back in various ways.

“A bequest is one of the easiest ways to give, by taking what you’ve acquired in your lifetime and carving out a portion of it for others,” she said. “It’s a simple thing to do, but has an impact for a lifetime.”

Last spring, after learning about the structural repairs needed by the Rotunda, Trube and her parents also made a generous five-year pledge to support the Rotunda Restoration Fund.

“I want to support UVA in the current campaign and continue to give in the future,” Trube said. “I would love for my daughter, Olivia, now 2, to continue the family tradition by attending and supporting the University, and I want to set an example for her.”