Dawn Oakley

Easing the Transition

Dawn Oakley (Parent, ’13)

Dawn Oakley’s son Elliott (College ’13) had been at UVA for all of six weeks when he called home anxious about having to find an apartment for the next school year. He and his friends, it seems, were feeling pressured to sign a lease early or risk not having housing. When Ms. Oakley read the Parents Committee’s “Safety Guide” and learned that the committee had successfully lobbied the University to guarantee on-Grounds housing for second years who wanted that option, she was much relieved.

“You know, you’re sending your kid off to college,” Ms. Oakley said. “He’s a young adult. He’s got to find his way. But the Parents Committee does things to help parents feel comfortable. You can let [your kids] make their own decisions, and you have a network to help ease any anxiety.”

This incident was only one of several reasons the Arlington resident decided to make a donation to support the Parents Committee. And while a co-worker balked at the idea of sending more money to her child’s school after paying so much in tuition, Ms. Oakley was grateful that her son was able to attend an outstanding university with reasonable in-state tuition rates that make it comfortable for her to give a little more to help fund this important committee.

“I was inspired to join in supporting this clearly energetic, productive committee because of the tangibles we received immediately,” Ms. Oakley said. “Who could not want to be a part of such a beneficial organization?”