Glenn Borror

A Feeling of Community

Glenn Borror (Wise ’13)

When Glenn Borror (Wise ’13) first visited UVA’s College at Wise, he was impressed by the friendliness of the people he met there. Four years later, the thing he values most about his small college experience is the bond he feels, not only with the students, but also with faculty members who have become friends.

“The community comes together like a family,” Borror said. “Everyone accepts you no matter your background, your major or any other factors. People are there for each other, and everyone tries to help you out as much as they can. It truly is like a family.”

Growing up in Stephens City, Va., a small town on the outskirts of Winchester, Borror enjoyed the marketing and business management classes he took in high school, so he expected to major in business in college. After several semesters of business courses, however, he started feeling burned out and couldn’t imagine this as a career.

After taking an introductory psychology course, Borror approached one of his professors, Kristina Feeser, who helped him understand the field of psychology and the various career paths it offers. Feeser’s class and her experiences, which she was always willing to share, made a significant impact on Borror’s decision to pursue a career in clinical psychology.

It’s this feeling of family and the sense of belonging that persuaded Borror to donate to the College at Wise, even before he graduated this spring.

“I had such a great experience,” Borror said. “That feeling of community made me want to give back so other students will have the same opportunities I had.”