Joel Weber

Fostering a Sense of Connection

Joel Weber (Darden ’10)

Growing up as the child of two UVA faculty members, Joel Weber (Darden ’10) has deep roots at the University. While he earned his undergraduate degree at Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania, when he was looking around for an MBA program the Darden School of Business was his only choice. Steeped as he is in the traditions and value of Mr. Jefferson’s University, Weber also knows the importance of supporting the institution…the whole institution.

“When you are a student at Darden, you end up being part of a close knit group, but you also end up not being as closely connected to the University community as a whole,” he said. “One thing I think is important is to foster that sense of connection to the broader University community.”

While in business school, Weber went out of his way to find opportunities to become involved in projects beyond Darden’s North Grounds neighborhood. He spent time working with students from other UVA schools doing career coaching and practice interviewing. Now that he’s got a good job (he’s working at the Washington, D.C., office of Boston Consulting Group), he wants his alumni giving to go beyond the business school, too.

“Though I only attended the MBA program, my connection is to the University as a whole,” Weber said. “My desire is to see UVA continue to be one of the preeminent universities in the country with an emphasis on the ideals of the Academical Village. Darden benefits from the reputation of the University as a whole, so I’ll give to Darden, but I’ll also give to the general fund.”