Kyle Trowbridge

Access to a Dream

Kyle Trowbridge, College ’11

It’s just like a UVA student to dream big. Kyle Trowbridge (College ’11) is an excellent case in point.

After graduating in May 2011 with a bachelor’s degree in psychology, Kyle plans to pursue his dream of attending medical school. Though his parents and two older sisters hold college degrees, Kyle will be the first doctor in his family. As he contemplates his future, he looks to his father, Matthew, as a role model for following one’s dream.

Mr. Trowbridge graduated from Virginia Tech in 1981 with a forestry degree. “Although it didn’t offer great wealth or upward mobility,” Kyle said, “my father pursued his dream of a career centered on learning about and caring for beautiful, historic trees.”

Now, and for the last 20 years, Matthew Trowbridge has lived that dream as the university arborist at the College of William and Mary.

When Kyle’s turn came to choose a college and likely career path, he felt drawn to the University of Virginia. He was well aware of UVA’s reputation for overall academic excellence and, in particular, for its strength in preparing undergraduates for medical school. There was no question that Kyle met the academic qualifications for admission. The only question was, even as an in-state student, could he afford the cost? Given his ambition to attend medical school following graduation, he hoped to complete his undergraduate degree without incurring substantial debt.

Then Kyle and his parents learned that he qualified for support through AccessUVA, the University’s financial aid program.

“We felt like it was the biggest blessing ever not to have to worry about the finances of college,” Kyle recalled. “AccessUVA is available to me mostly due to alumni contributions. I’m extremely thankful to those individuals who were generous enough to see the need for more socio-economic diversity at the University.”

VIDEO > Kyle Trowbridge talks about how his life has been touched by alumni generosity.