Martha and Jay Moore

Supporting UVA’s Academic Excellence

Though they didn’t meet as students at the University, their story will ring familiar to many alumni whose paths cross and, in some cases, become one.

Martha Fleming Moore (College ’79) and T. Justin “Jay” Moore III (Darden and Law ’83) met after completing their respective degrees. She had chosen to attend UVA, in part, because it was a family tradition. Her father, Rives Fleming, Jr., earned his undergraduate degree from the McIntire School of Commerce in 1950. And her sister belonged to the second class of undergraduate women admitted to the College of Arts & Sciences after 1970. “I grew up hearing about the Honor Code, the sports, so much about the University,” Martha says.

Likewise, Jay Moore had a family connection to UVA: his father had earned a law degree in 1950. After earning an undergraduate degree from Princeton University, Jay entered UVA’s School of Law. “It’s a place with extraordinarily smart people and such a human touch,” he says. “I received an outstanding education there.”

The Moores’ enthusiasm for UVA remains strong, and they give back in many ways. In addition to making annual gifts to support the University’s academic programs, they hosted a three-class reunion at their home earlier this year. She volunteers with other alumni to plan events, while he serves on the School of Law’s Alumni Council.

“Jay and I feel committed to supporting the University’s academic programs,” Martha notes. “We want UVA to be able to attract and retain the best faculty.”