Pamela Norley and Wayne Wall

Investing in Human Capital

Bequest Allows College to Attract, Support Top-Notch Faculty

Pamela Norley (Col ’82) and Wayne Wall (Col ’81)

As a third-year psychology major planning to go to law school, Pamela Norley (Col ’82) wanted to get more involved in volunteer activities. Inspired by consumer advocate Ralph Nader, who spoke at a Madison House event, she decided to sign on as a volunteer for the Public Interest Research Group (PIRG), a consumer protection lobbying organization. That’s where she met Wayne Wall (Col ’81), a fourth-year comparative literature and Spanish major and the local PIRG organizer.

Ms. Norley and Mr. Wall started dating soon after meeting. They married seven years later, and this fall the couple returned to their alma mater with their younger child, Charlie, who will carry on the family tradition as a member of the class of 2016. Charlie’s sister, Lucy, will graduate from Wellesley College in the spring.

“UVA is important to our family,” said Ms. Norley, who now serves as executive vice president at Fidelity Enterprise Relationship Management in Boston. “Wayne and I met here, we fell in love here, we’re proud that our son is going here and continuing that tradition. We’re also proud to be able to support the University.”

Ms. Norley and Mr. Wall have been active donors to the College for a number of years, and she serves on the College Foundation’s Benefactors Society Board. This spring, the couple learned that they could make an even greater impact by designating the University as the beneficiary on their life insurance policy.

“A bequest is an amazing way to make a significant contribution without having to touch your assets,” said development officer Christine Patrick. “This gift counts toward the goals for Pam’s reunion this year and Wayne’s reunion last year.”

Their $500,000 bequest supports the top priority of Dean Meredith Woo and the College. Funds such as these allow the dean to have a sufficient number of faculty, properly compensated and equipped, to deliver the kind of educational experience the College’s students expect and deserve. For Ms. Norley and Mr. Wall, supporting the College’s human capital was exactly where they wanted to invest.

“This fundraising priority really resonated with us as a family,” Ms. Norley said. “Wayne and I have great memories of our professors, and we are committed to making sure that the College continues to have the level of private funding they need to attract, retain and motivate the highest caliber teachers.”

“The faculty is the heart of the University,” said Mr. Wall, CEO and co-founder of Flimp Media, an online marketing and communications software company. “Everything else is wonderful, but unless you have incredible faculty members that make lifelong impressions on students, then the University isn’t going to be a top-tier school. So we felt that if we could devote some energy and resources, we wanted to do it to enrich the faculty.”