Faculty Support

Faculty Support

The Next Generation of Faculty

A highly engaged, superb faculty is at the core of U.Va.; they perform much of the work upon which the University’s distinguished reputation is built. Your support is vital to attract and retain the best faculty—particularly in light of the nationwide faculty generational transition. Close student-faculty interaction is key to the student experience and central to U.Va.’s reputation for undergraduate excellence.

Invest in teachers and scholars

  • Support recruitment and retention, especially critical in light of imminent enrollment increases and a wave of faculty retirements between now and 2020.
  • Assist research and curriculum development.
  • Create (and sustain) lectureships that will enrich discourse and bring new perspectives to the University and community.

Your gifts help U.Va. hire faculty with leadership characteristics and identified potential in emerging areas of scholarship.


Faculty-Student Interaction

Third-year engineering student Ventress Williams is studying the efficiency of dragonfly flight as part of Associate Professor Haibo Dong’s Flow Simulation Research Group. When he talks about strain energy that develops in a dragonfly wing during flight, he does so with authority and enthusiasm, thanks to the guidance and support that Dong has provided. [Read more]

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