Giving Mutual Fund Shares - Giving to UVA

Giving Mutual Fund Shares

The process of giving mutual fund shares requires obtaining a share transfer form from your fund company. For directions on completing the form, call the Office of Advancement at 434-924-7306 or 800-688-9882 or follow the directions below.

Using a Share Transfer Form:

  1.  Obtain a standard Transfer of Shares to New Owner form from your mutual fund company, authorizing the transfer of shares from your account into an account opened for the University. (If unavailable, see below.)
  2. The form must be completed by both you and the University.
  3. Leave the “transfer to” portion of the form blank and allow the University to fill it in. Or indicate that the shares are to be transferred to the “Rector and Visitors of the University of Virginia.” Do not write in a school or department at UVA (See step 7)
  4. All persons listed in the “transfer from” section of the form (owners of the account) must sign the form.
  5. All signatures must be medallion guaranteed, not notarized. Medallion guarantees are available at a bank or a brokerage.
  6. After completing your portion of the form, send it to the University’s Office of Advancement at one of the addresses below.
  7. If you want to designate your gift for a specific area or school, note this in a letter accompanying the form when it is sent to the University.

Sending Forms to the University

If sent via U.S. Postal Service:
University of Virginia
Office of Advancement
Attention: Gift Accounting
PO Box 400807
Charlottesville, VA 22904-4807

If sent via other carriers:
University of Virginia
Office of Advancement
Attention: Gift Accounting
Piedmont Centre
2405 Ivy Road
Charlottesville, VA 22903

The University Gift Accounting office will forward the form to the mutual fund company with instructions that the shares be sold and the proceeds sent to the University. The funds will be directed to any school, program, or purpose you designated in the letter you sent with the form.

If a Share Transfer Form Is Not Available

  1. Write a letter addressed to the company authorizing the transfer of shares to the University.
  2. All owners of the account must sign the letter, and the signatures must be medallion guaranteed.
  3. Send the signed original of the letter to the Office of Advancement at one of the addresses above so that the University can attach a letter requesting the transaction.

Gifts of mutual fund shares take time to finalize, so advance preparation is recommended when the timing of a gift is critical.