Toward Jefferson's Third Century


National Committee on University Resources

The National Committee on University Resources comprises more than 400 alumni, parents, and friends from all around the country and parts of Europe, who gave their time, energy, and counsel in support of the Campaign for the University of Virginia. NCOUR members served critical roles as links between the University and the community. Through their work hosting or planning regional campaign events, advising other donors, and encouraging prospective donors, members created local opportunities for the campaign’s success. Their leadership was vital in extending the reach of the campaign and inspiring others to contribute.

NCOUR: Facts at a Glance

  • 100 percent of NCOUR members participated in campaign
  • NCOUR and the Campaign Executive Committee contributed $427 million—almost half a billion dollars—to the campaign
  • NCOUR members voted unanimously on October 25 to continue NCOUR as regionally based volunteer program in support of fund-raising at the University
  • NCOUR members hosted hundreds of campaign events
  • NCOUR members identified, cultivated, and solicited thousands of prospects
  • Idea for the future: NCOUR members will use LinkedIn to build a group that shares information and interests
  • Idea for the future: NCOUR will consider opportunities for priority-based fundraising, leadership succession, job descriptions and tenure, and the recruitment of the next generation of University volunteer leaders


NCOUR: A Campaign Partnership

NCOUR assisted in the creation of:

  • 61 endowed professorships
  • 513 endowed scholarships
  • 98 endowed fellowships
  • 1,092 total new endowments

NCOUR also helped make possible

  • Rotunda renovation
  • New buildings for faculty and students, teaching and learning, and athletics
  • New facilities for patient care and new programs
  • A new school

Thank you NCOUR!

In honor of your continued support and generosity, the students of UVA wish to say “Thank you” and show your generosity in action!

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