Saving the Rotunda


The Rotunda was partially renovated once, almost 40 years ago. It has been more than 108 years since it was rebuilt by McKim, Mead & White. Time and the elements have left the building and associated grounds in need of extensive repairs.

The University seeks your support to help with the $50.6 million cost to restore, repair and renovate this iconic building and make it a vital center of daily academic activity for students and faculty. With $48.7 million raised, we are only $1.9 million from our goal.

In the summer of 2013 we replaced the roof and restored the masonry and windows on the drum of the building. The next phase, which will last two years, began in May 2014 and includes:

  • Complete structural and infrastructural renovation
  • Increased classroom, study, lecture and ceremonial use
  • Replacement of the marble column capitals
  • Repair of the terraces and marble stairs
  • Historic landscapes around the Rotunda
  • New visitor interpretive center
  • Renovation of the Dome Room

For more information on the Rotunda renovation, please visit:

Watch the Rotunda Live Webcam overlooking the construction site to see progress on the Rotunda renovation.

Jeffersonian Grounds Initiative

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Amy Yancey

“We are stewards of this historic architecture, for it belongs not to the University, but to the world.”

Alice J. Raucher

Architect for the University of Virginia