U.Va. Reunion Giving

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1965 Committee Co-Chairs


Giving Committee

Kenneth N. Adatto, M.D., A&S
Mr. Victor A. Bell, Jr., ENG
Judge Eugene Bogen, A&S
Mr. John T. Casteen III, A&S
Mr. Stuart S. DeForest, Jr., A&S
Mr. John F. Depenbrock, Jr., COM
Mr. John F. Dienelt, A&S
Mr. William R. Easton, A&S
Mr. Lawrence W. Hope, A&S
Mr. Steven A. Jarvis, ENG
Mr. Hampton C. Randolph, Jr., A&S
Mr. Donald D. Slesnick II, A&S
Mr. Robert M. Steptoe, Jr., A&S
Mrs. Rhea Mahan Strum, NUR
Mrs. Patricia E. Terry, NUR
Mr. Timothy T. West, A&S
‡ Denotes five consecutive years of giving