UVA Reunion Giving

Class of 1982


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1982 Giving committee Co-Chairs

Charles Duncan IIIA&S
Robert Swindell III

1982 Reunion Giving Officer

Beth BishopDirector of Reunion Giving(434) 924-7698

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Giving Committee

Mrs. Julia Kruger Badlato, COM
Mr. Mark E. Baker, A&S
Mr. M. Selim Bingol, A&S
Ms. Elizabeth Gamble Blaine, A&S
Mr. Joseph C. Blanton, Jr., A&S
Ms. Ellen Farraye Bonaventura, A&S
Mr. W. L. Lyons Brown III, A&S
Mrs. Margaret S. Casscells-Hamby, A&S
Mrs. Mary Stuart Alexander Crowley, A&S
Mr. Tom Darbyshire, ARC
Ms. Susan Y. Dorsey, ARC
Mr. Charles W. Duncan III, A&S
Mr. Anthony J. Gadient, ENG
Ms. Lisa A. Genova, COM
Mr. David M. Greenhouse, COM
Mrs. Christine Painley Gustafson, A&S
Mr. Paul W. Hobby, A&S
Mr. David Wolfe Kent, ARC
Ms. Leslie Klein, ARC
Mr. Stephen A. Leon, A&S
Mr. Edward B. MacMahon, Jr., A&S
Mrs. Victoria Anne O'Brien Macmillan, COM
Mrs. Ashley Lickle O'Neil, A&S
Mr. Gregory S. Merritt, ENG
Carey Levine Nathan, M.D., A&S
Mrs. Kathleen Kelly Oberg, COM
Mrs. Jan Pond Phillips, NUR
Mrs. Margaret Fletcher Saine, A&S
R. Lee Saunders, Jr., DDS, A&S
Mr. Gary R. Shook, A&S
Mrs. Katherine Kelly Ames Smith, A&S
Deborah L. Stroman, Ph.D., ED
Mrs. Joan Gillespie Swift, A&S
Mr. Robert H. Swindell III, A&S
Catherine E. Theisen, Ph.D., A&S
Mrs. Lucy Duke Tonacci, A&S
Mr. William Vandeventer, ARC
Mr. Robert M. Wadsworth, ENG
Mr. Dana F. Walker, COM
Ms. Ione S. Vomvouras Wilsmann, COM

Donor Honor Roll

Denotes five consecutive years of giving