UVA Reunion Giving

Class of 1987


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Total Dollars Raised


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1987 Giving committee Co-Chairs

Kate Hobby GibsonARC
Kurt HarrisonA&S
Darcy MauroA&S

1987 Reunion Giving Officer

Beth BishopDirector of Reunion Giving(434) 924-7698

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Giving Committee

Mrs. Jean Lane Ballentine, A&S
Mrs. Beth Dorrier Bishop, COM
Mr. Anthony R. Bolling, A&S
Mr. Robert C. Bumbary, Jr., ENG
Mr. John P. Connaughton, COM
Ms. Laura Rowe Crawford, A&S
Mr. Allen A. Cunningham, A&S
Mrs. Sondra Martin Denk, A&S
Ms. Lauren McGill Driscoll, A&S
Mr. Thomas E. Duncan, A&S
Mr. Daniel Frisch, ARC
Mr. Stephen P. Gibson, COM
Mrs. Katherine Hobby Gibson, ARC
Mr. Theron I. Gilliam, ENG
Mrs. Jennifer Otto Giotto, A&S
Ms. Alicia Glekas, A&S
Mrs. Beth Kressley Goldstein, COM
Mr. William T. Hamic, Jr., A&S
Ms. Wendy Hamilton, COM
Mr. Robert D. Hardie, A&S
Mr. Kurt B. Harrison, A&S
Mrs. Lois McKenna Henry, A&S
Ms. Frances T. Herrington, A&S
Mr. Todd E. Hitt, A&S
Mr. Catesby B. Jones, A&S
Ms. Christine Cutright Knight, A&S
Mrs. Cynthia Coates Lubetkin, A&S
Mr. Miguel P. Maquet-Diafouka, A&S
Mrs. Karen Apple Mathews, A&S
Ms. Darcy Mauro, A&S
Mrs. Patricia Horger McDaniel, COM
Mrs. Deborah Chevion Muller, COM
Mrs. Whitney Andrews Murphy, A&S
Mrs. Tammy Snyder Murphy, A&S
Ms. Laura S. Nelson, ARC
Mr. Michael J. O'Brien, ENG
Mr. A. Kent Owens, A&S
Ms. Monica L. Painter, COM
Mrs. Leslie Storey Pitcher, COM
Mr. Gary M. Reich, COM
Mrs. Karen Steinmetz Sambursky, COM
Mrs. Susan McGrath Smith, A&S
Mrs. Ronica Sanders Smucker, A&S
Mr. Joseph P. L. Snyder, A&S
Mr. Shepard C. Spink, Jr., A&S
Mrs. Elisabeth Crosswell Stone, A&S
Mrs. Kimberly Hall Summerville, COM
Mr. J. Hagood Tighe, A&S
Mr. Christopher G. Turner, A&S
Mr. Gregory P. Vining, A&S
Mr. Paul S. Weinschenk, ARC
Mr. J. Stuart White III, A&S

Donor Honor Roll

Denotes five consecutive years of giving