UVA Reunion Giving

Class of 1997


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Total Dollars Raised


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1997 Giving committee Co-Chairs

Uzair DossaniENG
Matthew LiuzziA&S
Alison Whisner ZawatskiCOM

1997 Reunion Giving Officer

Kate LeBoeufAssociate Director of Reunion Giving(434) 924-6727

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Giving Committee

Mr. Neil J. Barr, COM
Mr. Jonathan S. Campbell, A&S   
Mr. Jay Patrick Carini, ENG
Mr. Francis T. Carr, Jr., A&S
Mrs. Bethany Cangianelli Cieslowski, NUR
Ms. Stephanie M. Davis, A&S
Mr. James M. Dolnier, COM
Mr. Uzair A. Dossani, ENG
Ms. Irene Chase Estrada, A&S
Mr. William R. Eustis, A&S
Ms. Laura Kristen Everitt, A&S
Mr. Suhrid S. Gajendragadkar, A&S
Mrs. Rudene M. Haynes, A&S
Mr. Christopher Hutnick, A&S
Ms. Cheryl L. Jaeger, A&S
Mr. Darius Alexander Johnson, A&S
Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Young Kush, A&S
Ms. Jennifer Lynn Langton, A&S
Mrs. Kathryn Lee Lavis, NUR
Ms. Elizabeth C. Lester, A&S
Mr. Matthew C. Liuzzi, A&S
Mr. Lance Matthew Markos, A&S
Mr. Amit N. Mathuria, COM
Mr. Taylor F. Mefford, A&S
Mrs. Amanda Riedel Muller, A&S
Jennifer Young Pierce, M.D., ENG
Mr. Charles M. Robertson, M.D., A&S
Mr. David Q. Robinson, A&S
Mr. Jeffrey T. St. Denis, A&S
Mrs. Megan Apple Stephenson, COM
Mrs. Carson Hobbs Sullivan, A&S
Mrs. Jeanne LaSala Taylor, A&S
Mr. Neil D. Thomson, A&S
Mr. James S. Tybur, ENG
Mr. Cabell Vest, ARC 
Mr. Ryan Widener, A&S
Ms. Elizabeth N. Williams, NUR
Mrs. Alison Whisner Zawatski, COM

Donor Honor Roll

Denotes five consecutive years of giving