UVA Reunion Giving

Class of 2007


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Total Dollars Raised


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2007 Giving committee Co-Chairs

Massie CooperA&S
Michael KirkmanCOM
Darius NaborsA&S

2007 Reunion Giving Officer

Anna HodgesSenior Associate Director of Reunion Giving(434) 243-2155

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Giving Committee

Mr. Richard K. Bethune, A&S
Ms. Raleigh Anne Blank, A&S
Mr. James E. Bogart, A&S
Ms. Blair M. Boggs, COM
Mr. Maxwell K. Bonnie, A&S
Mr. Christopher B. Burger, A&S
Ms. Kelly Ross Canova, A&S
Mr. Lane G. Carpenter, A&S
Ms. Katherine D. Cavanaugh, A&S
Ms. Jessica N. Childress, A&S 
Mr. Thomas H. Clarke, V, A&S    
Ms. Massie Payne Cooper, A&S
Mr. Daniel M. Dehrey, A&S
Ms. Mayme B. Donohue, A&S
Mr. Michael C. Foroobar, COM
Mr. Ryan C. Garka, A&S
Mrs. Louisa Collier Gehring, A&S
Mrs. Lauren Pirrung Gilbert, A&S
Mrs. Julie Turner Haddix, COM
Mr. James H. Hamilton, COM
Mr. Randall E. Harrigan, COM
Mrs. Nancy Amling Harris, A&S
Mr. Patrick Hillegass, ENG
Mr. Thomas T. Holman, A&S
Ms. Caitlin N. Howarth, A&S
Mr. Damon A. Hoyle, A&S
Mr. Rahul Jindal, A&S
Mr. Charles S. Johnson, Jr., COM
Ms. Marissa R. Kessler, A&S
Mr. Michael E. Kirkman, COM
Mrs. Sarah Gess Kruger, A&S
Mr. James S. Larkins III, COM
Mrs. Elizabeth Ridley Lifsey, COM
Ms. Victoria M. Lockhart, A&S
Ms. Jacqueline K. Loken, COM
Mrs. Mary Whelan Lovely, A&S
Mr. Adam Douglas Matthews, ENG
Mrs. Mary Warrick McFarland, A&S
Ms. Stephanie E. McGuire, A&S
Mr. Bradford T. Moore, A&S
Mr. David W. Mullins, A&S
Mr. Darius P. Nabors, A&S
Ms. Clare C. Ondrey, A&S
Ms. Elizabeth A. Oswald, A&S
Mr. Andrew F. Paradis, COM
Mrs. Courtney Ball Parkinson, A&S
Mr. John C. Parrott III, A&S
Ms. Carling Cooney Boyles Pinckney, A&S
Mrs. Elizabeth Whittecar Roloff, ARC
Mr. Michael D. Ryan, COM
Mr. Andrew E. Siegel, A&S
Ms. Margaret V. Hilborne Steinbach, COM
Mrs. Nancy Ferretti Stranix, A&S
Mrs. Laura Bishop Sumner, NUR
Dr. Abigail S. Talbot, A&S
Ms. Katherine A. Taylor, A&S
Mr. Graham E. Tucker, COM
Mr. Andrew R. Tuttle, A&S
Mr. Okechukwu C. Udumaga, A&S
Ms. Alison Taylor Wacker, A&S
Mr. Woody W. Wingfield, A&S

Donor Honor Roll

Denotes five consecutive years of giving