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Class of 2012


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Total Dollars Raised


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2012 Giving committee Co-Chairs

Kathleen BestCOM
Christopher MullenA&S
Alexis Tarbet RinaldiCOM

2012 Reunion Giving Officer

Johnson "Jack" CarpenterAssistant Director of Reunion Giving(434) 924-1047

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Giving Committee

Ms. Anne E. Allen, A&S
Ms. Jenney B. Aselage, COM
Mr. Gregory T. Benson, ARC
Ms. Kathleen C. Best, COM
Ms. Kelsey B. Bowles, A&S
Mr. Tyler R. Carlson, A&S
Ms. Ramsey K. Carter, A&S
Ms. Carly B. Cook, A&S
Ms. Carolyn S. Crabtree, A&S
Mr. Michael S. Craigmile, A&S
Ms. Margaret L. Crossen, A&S
Mr. Clay C. Cundiff, ENG
Mr. Dylan R. Denslow, COM
Mr. David G. Drewry III, ENG
Mr. Patrick J. Duffy, A&S
Ms. Ioana A. Dumitriu, A&S
Mr. Jesse Thompson Ellington, IV, A&S
Mr. Jonathan C. Elsasser, A&S
Mr. Dane G. Ferre, A&S
Ms. Elizabeth Ross Foster, A&S
Ms. Kathryn A. Gaffin, A&S
Ms. Madeleine L. Gardner, COM
Ms. Caroline C. Gottwald, A&S
Mr. Daniel T. Grimes, A&S
Ms. Grace H. Grundy, ENG
Mr. Trevor A. Grywatch, A&S
Mr. Thomas A. Hardy, A&S
Ms. Caroline E. Hecht, A&S
Mr. Ian Holman, A&S
Mr. Steven M. Kern, ENG
Mr. Christopher R. Kerrigan, COM
Ms. Alanna R. Kibiloski, A&S
Mr. Andrew N. Koch, A&S
Mr. Steven S. Koch, COM
Mr. Ryan C. Knox, ENG
Ms. Sarah E. Hardingham Knox, ENG
Ms. Pin-Hsuan Lai, COM
Ms. Alexandra J. Lauzon, ENG
Mr. Jack O. Lenske, A&S
Ms. Tracey Lynch, A&S
Ms. Ann Marie McKenzie, A&S
Mr. Wyatt C. Melzer, A&S
Ms. Elizabeth A. Meyers, COM
Ms. Alissa P. Morein, COM
Mr. Christopher R. Mullen, A&S
Ms. Eleanor G. Mullen, A&S
Ms. Mary H. Nesbitt, A&S
Ms. Margaret B. Nexsen, A&S
Mr. Taylor A. Perry, COM
Mr. Daniel L. Plumlee, Jr., A&S
Mr. Menghe M. Qian, A&S
Ms. Katherine M. Raber, ENG
Mr. Alexander T. Radcliffe, ENG
Ms. Alexis Tarbet Rinaldi, COM
Mr. Erik D. Rison, A&S   
Mr. Gregory D. Rives, ENG
Mr. Christopher E. Schulz, A&S
Mr. Ryan H. Shea, A&S
Mr. Evan A. Shields, A&S
Ms. Samantha L. Sisisky, A&S
Mr. Joshua D. Skiles, A&S
Ms. Jacqueline S. Stevens, A&S
Mr. Samuel M. Strongin, A&S
Ms. Christine M. Taylor, A&S
Ms. Elizabeth A. Tullis, A&S
Ms. Natalia Mercado Violand, A&S
Ms. Sara K. Wakefield, A&S

Donor Honor Roll

Denotes five consecutive years of giving