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Bicentennial Scholars Fund

“Our generous alumni and friends have remained steadfast partners in this effort to keep the University’s doors open to students from all backgrounds.”

–Teresa Sullivan

At the University of Virginia, we believe leaders can come from anywhere. We value virtue and talent above all else, and we accept students solely on their merit—regardless of their ability to pay.

Created by the Board of Visitors, the Bicentennial Scholars Fund ensures that UVA will remain affordable for future generations. Designed as a sustainable, long-term source of financial aid, the endowment will help countless students pursue their academic dreams. The University is committed to making the most of this extraordinary opportunity, and as such, will match any commitment to endowed undergraduate scholarships of $100,000 or more, payable over up to five years, with a fifty cent match on every dollar. If a donor wishes to commit $1 million or more and pay the total within three years, the University will match the commitment dollar for dollar. The fund offers an excellent opportunity to create a named endowment that will be awarded and recognized in perpetuity.

Gifts to the BSF ensure that UVA remains accessible to the brightest students from all backgrounds.

New $30 Million Clark Scholars Program Supports Underrepresented Engineering Students

September 2017
A new A. James Clark Scholars Program in the University of Virginia’s School of Engineering and Applied Science, funded by a $15 million gift from the A. James and Alice B. Clark Foundation, will provide financial aid and academic opportunities for undergraduate students who are underrepresented in the engineering field. The new program was announced Thursday at UVA’s Board of Visitors meeting. The University will match the Foundation’s gift dollar-for-dollar – establishing a $30 million endowment – drawing from the Bicentennial Scholars Fund the Board of Visitors created last year.

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Khan Scholarship Will Preserve Alumnus’ Memory, Sacrifice

June 2017
U.S. Army Capt. Humayun Khan, the only University of Virginia alumnus to be killed in the Iraq War, will be remembered through the Bicentennial Scholars Fund. Khan, a 2000 graduate of UVA’s College of Arts & Sciences, and two Iraqi civilians died in 2004 in Baqubah, Iraq, when Khan stopped a taxi loaded with explosives at a checkpoint. His action prevented the bomber from entering a compound, where a number of U.S. soldiers were eating breakfast. The Capt. Humayun Khan Memorial Bicentennial Scholarship Fund’s initial endowment will total more than $200,000 including matching funds from the University’s Strategic Investment Fund.

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Sabato Establishes New Sandridge Bicentennial Scholarship

March 2017
Years after his 2011 retirement, Leonard W. Sandridge remains one of the most respected administrators ever to serve at the University of Virginia. The former executive vice president and chief operating officer and his wife, Jerry, became integral parts of the UVA community in the 44 years he worked on Grounds. This spring, in recognition of the Sandridges’ years of dedication to UVA, professor Larry J. Sabato, founder and director of the UVA Center for Politics, has donated $100,000 to the University to launch the Leonard and Jerry Sandridge Bicentennial Scholars Fund.

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UVA President Provides First Gift to Bicentennial Scholars

December 2016
University of Virginia President Teresa A. Sullivan and her husband, law professor Douglas Laycock, are making a $100,000 gift to the new Bicentennial Scholars Fund – the first contribution to the endowment established to support student scholarships.

The contribution will be matched by $50,000 from UVA’s Bicentennial Scholars program and will be used for need-based scholarships.

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UVA Board Establishes Endowment

December 2016
The University of Virginia today announced the creation of a permanent endowment to support student scholarships that could reach $300 million through a combination of philanthropic support and the UVA Strategic Investment Fund.

Earnings from the new Bicentennial Scholars Fund will provide need- and merit-based scholarships for University undergraduate students, and also will relieve pressure on long-term tuition increases by funding need-based aid from this fund instead of from tuition revenue.

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