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What is AccessUVa?

AccessUVa is the name of the University of Virginia’s financial aid program.

Why does the University need money for need-based scholarships?

U.Va. is committed to meeting 100 percent of the demonstrated need of students admitted to the University. The number of our students with financial need has increased during the last decade, from about one-fourth to one-third of all undergraduates. At the same time, funding for financial aid from federal sources has flattened or declined.

Why give to need-based scholarships?

Scholarship support is crucial for recruiting the best and brightest students. Private gifts providing need-based scholarships ensure that talented students earn an excellent education and graduate on time, all without crippling debt.

What is “need-blind”?

U.Va. has a need-blind admission policy. Candidates are considered without regard to their financial circumstances. Chances for admission to U.Va. are not negatively impacted by whether or not a candidate can pay for his or her education. In fact, the University of Virginia is one of a very small group of public universities in the country that offer need-blind admissions paired with a financial aid program to meet 100 percent of students’ demonstrated need.

How affordable is U.Va.?

Kiplinger’s Personal Finance list ranks U.Va. No. 2 among “Best Values in Public Colleges,” while U.S. News & World Report ranks U.Va. the No. 2 public university overall. U.Va.’s financial aid program is often cited by such ranking organizations as a top feature contributing to the University’s ranking as a “top value” among institutions of higher education.

How many students are receiving financial assistance?

Approximately 34 percent of all undergraduate students were awarded some type of need-based financial assistance in a typical year. This aid is composed of grants, work-study, and loans, including athletic grants and parent loans. In 2013-14, approximately 5,100 undergraduate students were awarded aid from all sources totaling $99.9 million. About 56 percent of this amount, $55.9 million, comes from University funds.

What is the average starting salary for U.Va. graduates?

According to a 2013-14 salary survey by PayScale, Inc., the average starting salary for University graduates was $51,000.

How much debt do U.Va. students have at graduation?

In the 2012-13 academic year the average need-based loan debt held by graduates was about $12,450. Only 28 percent of undergraduate students graduated with any need-based debt in 2012-13 .


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