Recipient and Donor Profiles

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Andrea King

Scholarship Recipient

In high school, Andrea King (Nursing ’14) adopted a life motto: Be the shooting star, not the trail that follows. At the University of Virginia, she more than lived up to her personal mantra. A five-time Dean’s List honoree, King earned her bachelor’s degree from the School of Nursing with a bioethics minor from the… Read more »

John Griffin

Donor for Need-Based Scholarships

John Griffin (McIntire ’85) likes to set the bar as high as possible. With his $4 million challenge gift to the University of Virginia in February 2014 to support undergraduate students with exceptional academic promise and significant financial need, he challenged other donors to match his gift on a one-to-one basis. The aim was clear:… Read more »

Jacob Rosenthal

Scholarship Recipient

Jacob Rosenthal was torn: Should he major in chemical engineering and add a concentration in bio-technology, or major in chemical engineering and minor in materials science? He had already taken courses in both areas, loved them both, and earned A-pluses in both. But, he couldn’t do both and still graduate on time. So, Rosenthal (Engineering… Read more »

Debra Saunders-White

Donor for Need-Based Scholarships

Alderman Library in the late 1970s was much as it is today—minus the computers, wireless Internet, and other twenty-first-century technological tools. Its quiet nooks and crannies were prime spots for students to scour the stacks for articles and books, study for tests, or write seminar papers. Debra Saunders-White was one of those denizens of Alderman…. Read more »

Charlie Tyson

Scholarship Recipient

 Five years ago, a powerful intellect and financial support brought Charlie Tyson to the University. As an out-of-state student and one of four children his parents were putting through college, Charlie knew he couldn’t afford U.Va. “Financial aid transformed my life,” he said, “and set me on a path I never could have imagined.” While… Read more »

Joshua P. Darden Jr.

Donor for Need-Based Scholarships

The late Josh Darden was a member of the Lawn Society and the Cornerstone Society—and a leadership annual donor. He understood the importance of private philanthropy to the University’s future. As a bequest, he designated a life insurance policy to a scholarship fund he created in the 1980s in memory of his uncle, Colgate W…. Read more »

Reginald G. Benbow, Jr.

Scholarship Recipient

Reginald G. Benbow, of Baltimore, was an outstanding high school student who won full scholarship support to the University of Virginia. He’s the kind of student attracted to U.Va.and scholarship support—a talented, motivated student with demonstrated need who wants to make a difference in the world. At U.Va., Benbow double-majored in African-American studies and political… Read more »

Isela Pierce

Scholarship Recipient

U.Va. is known for attracting students with great academic promise and extraordinary talents. Thanks to need-based scholarship support, Isela Pierce, of Glendale, Arizona, fits right in. She was raised by her grandparents, Steve and Louisa Pierce, until her grandmother was diagnosed with lung cancer. Then Pierce spent her free time taking care of her grandmother… Read more »

Harang Ju

Scholarship Recipient

Harang Ju never met an internship he didn’t like. Ju wrote computer programs for the National Radio Astronomy Observatory. He helped develop a Smarthome system to maximize household energy efficiency. And he assisted in creating an iPhone application that helps advertisers reach targeted audiences. Each of the internships was valuable in its own way, but… Read more »