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Leadership 2000: Engaged Student Leadership Program (L2K)

With the broad latitude afforded through student self-governance, student leaders at UVA learn to lead by meeting the challenges of real issues within their organizations. To prepare them for this responsibility, the leaders of approximately 35 University-wide organizations return to the Grounds in the early summer to attend L2K, an intensive, one-week, UVA tailored program. L2K helps participants enhance their leadership skills, increase their knowledge of UVA, and develop relationships among themselves and members of the University administration. Some student leaders stay on Grounds for an additional five-week internship to plan and prepare for the coming year. These students, who receive University housing and a stipend, work full time for organizations such as Residence Life, the Honor Committee, or the Judiciary Committee. They are mentored by a member of the Student Affairs staff.

L2K seeks to provide student leaders with opportunities that enhance lifelong learning and build their professional and career skills. Through its structure, content and mission, L2K helps reinforce and perpetuate the culture of student self-governance.

Funding opportunities for L2K range from $6,500 (the cost to fund one student for L2K plus the additional five-week internship) to $25,000 (the cost to fund an additional week of L2K, enabling leaders of 35 more organizations to have this experience) to $60,000 (the cost to fund the entire program, including student internships, for one summer). An endowment level gift of $130,000 will provide annual funding to support one student’s participation in the program and the internship.

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