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Public Service and Non-Profit Internship Fund

Internships and externships are critical components of the educational experience.  When students have opportunities to put into practice academic learning from their classroom experiences, they gain valuable insights and are better prepared for their post-college endeavors.  While some internship and externship experiences offer living stipends or other financial support, many such experiences in the public service and non-profit arenas do not.  In efforts to expose our brightest student minds to those public services that benefit the general well-being of our communities, we seek financial resources to support students through these endeavors.  As a public institution, with a charter to serve the greater good of society, removing the financial barriers to participating in these internships is in the true Jeffersonian spirit.

Your generous gift will support internships in specific public service or non-profit sectors or be used generally to support students successfully attaining internships in these areas.  Students who seek out and receive a public service or nonprofit internship can apply for a $3,000 stipend through University Career Services intended to cover personal expenses and partial recouping of income normally earned through a summer job. The goal is to expand this program to include more students and to increase the amount of the stipend to at least $6,500. This amount ensures that students are provided with adequate living expenses along with a stipend in lieu of summer employment.

Support the Public Service and Non-Profit Internship Fund

Internship Recipient Student Testimonials

“During the course of my internship, I have gained the invaluable knowledge of how to be a better citizen, how to get involved with what is going on in the country, and how to raise my voice for issues I am passionate about. The experience has opened my eyes to my own interests in public health, epidemiology, and public policy. As a Biology and Psychology major applying to law school, this internship has confirmed my belief that there is a connection between science, health, and law, and that I want to be at the crossroads.”

-Komal Karnik, CLAS 2011

“The internship definitely influenced my career and education goals. Now I believe after doing so much work with black people in South America I really want to study the intersections of race and sexuality. . . . I made my dent in the social movement for afro-descendents in Argentina and I’m really proud and happy that I stayed for as long as I did.”

-Marcus Hall, CLAS 2012

“My experience at Amnesty International has shown me that I definitely want to continue working in public service and specifically in the field of human rights monitoring. This internship also affirmed my interest in education, and I want to incorporate this interest into a career in human rights work.”

-Anne Stotler, CLAS 2011

“I am so grateful for the ability to have worked in this internship. This process has taught me much about the world of public safety policy, and has provided an invaluable look into a possible career path. . . . Following my graduation from UVA, I sincerely hope to be engaged in this process of continuous personal growth and opportunity to do good for my community. I urge all of my peers to consider working in public policy, and to explore just how much of a difference each and every one of us can make.”

-Evan Davis, CLAS 2012

“Although I have completed my internship, its influence on my life is far from over. Participating in many different avenues of environmental public service this summer, such as education, management, and planning has given me a clearer direction for my future. I want to continue to be involved in environmental issues, become more educated about methods to prevent pollution, and work with communities to solve environmental problems. . . .This internship has taught me about myself and about how I want to pursue public service in the future.”

-Haley Pack, CLAS 2011