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Fund for Student Life and Leadership

Student life at the University of Virginia is as individual as each student, yet grounded in the core values of honor, student self-governance, service, diversity, and health and wellness. From the beginning of their time on the Grounds, students can make decisions for themselves, pursue their own interests, and determine paths that are best for them.

With this responsibility comes accountability to the larger community—a calling to make decisions with honor and integrity and with consideration for the community at large. As a result of learning and growing in this environment—sometimes even making mistakes—students learn to be leaders and productive citizens of a larger community.

The Fund for Student Life and Leadership supports student self-governance and the other core values, providing resources to ensure that students have opportunities for leadership, participation, and service. Gifts to the fund support student needs as varied as hosting a special guest speaker, facilitating a community activity or faculty/student interaction, and furthering other student initiatives of great promise.

With direct support to students, whether in the residence hall or the symphony hall, the fund provides for day-to-day educational activities that equip students to make the most of their time at the University and likewise, to grow into full, contributing members of society

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