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Why I Give

Better Late Than Never

Douglas Moll (McIntire '91)

Douglas Moll was shocked to read the e-mail from one of his former classmates announcing the progress toward his class’s 20-year reunion giving goals. He remembers thinking that the original goal would easily be achieved. But when the note came indicating that the percentage of his classmates who contributed to the University was well below the target—and he was among the members who had not given—Moll was spurred into action.


Acknowledging a Top-Notch Education, Non-Traditional Law Student Finds Great Value at UVA

Douglas Andre (Law ’09)

Douglas Andre considered himself a very discerning customer when he chose to enroll in the School of Law. After completing a 22-year career as an officer in the U.S. Navy, he wanted to enter the field of tax law. But it was his own money he was spending—and three years of salary he was foregoing—in order to go to law school, so he wanted to be sure he got his money’s worth.


A Gift from Across the World

Tashi Tsering (Engr ’04)

Tibetans around the globe have Tashi Tsering (Engr ’04), and a few others, to thank for being able to type in their native language and alphabet on their computers—a capability most of us take for granted.

“If your machine is running Windows Vista or Windows 7, you can type and process Tibetan language on these systems,” explained Tsering, (more…)

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