Realized Bequests, Deferred Gifts and Future Support

Since 2004, we know of more than 1,226 donors who decided to include the University of Virginia in their estate plans, working with the University to establish new deferred gifts and providing future support through their wills. These new gifts, together with realized bequests from previously established estate plans, accounted for $739,340,378 — about 25 percent — of the $3 billion campaign total.

  • Realized Bequests (gifts received from individual estate plans) totaled $176,128,369
  • Deferred Gifts (Charitable Trusts and Charitable Gift Annuities) totaled $133,936,944
  • Future Support (documented gifts from wills and estate plans) totaled $429,275,065

The Bequest Campaign alone generated nearly $30 million more than its $400 million goal. And postcampaign analysis shows that UVA was aware of only two out of every five realized bequests. This suggests that many more donors have already included UVA in their wills and estate plans, but have not let the University know.

When alumni, faculty, parents and friends were asked, “Have you included the University in your estate plan?” the conversation turned to the ways this special place has influenced their lives and helped donors focus on the charitable goals they wish to include in their estate documents. They began to envision making a gift to UVA that might have seemed beyond their reach.

“Did you know you can make a gift to UVA and receive income for the rest of your life?” Many donors learned of ways that they could include the University in their plans while providing support for spouses, children, grandchildren and other loved ones.

Building on the generosity of visionary donors of the past, today’s forward-thinking donors are the bridge that promises a secure foundation for the University’s future.

Realized bequests during the campaign funded professorships, scholarships, fellowships, research and other critical needs across all areas of the University. One of the beneficiaries was Stacy Feeling (Engr ’13), who won a merit scholarship endowed by Frank S. Goodman (Engr ’51), a longtime supporter of the School of Engineering and Applied Science.