The campaign has enabled Virginia student-athletes to achieve greater success in the classroom and in competition, with 53 conference championships and seven national championships earned in the past 10 years. During the campaign, donors fully funded 316.6 scholarships (the maximum allowed by the National Collegiate Athletic Association for UVA’s 25 programs), enabled the completion of seven major facilities projects along with other upgrades and improvements, increased operational and staff support, contributed to the hiring of some of the best coaches in the nation and enabled the addition of a sports psychologist and sports nutritionists.


John Paul Jones Arena

The $129.8 million construction of the John Paul Jones Arena was made possible by Paul Tudor Jones II (Col ’76) and named for his father, John Paul Jones (Law ’48), with additional funding from other generous donors. The 15,000-seat facility is used by Virginia Athletics as well as for numerous other events, such as concerts. Now the largest arena in Virginia, the John Paul Jones Arena was named Pollstar’s Best New Concert Venue in 2006, the year of its opening.

Volleyball Program Endowment

Amy Griffin (Col ’98) initiated the first-ever $1 million endowment of an Olympic sport at the University of Virginia. Her gift in 2006 funded an operations endowment for the Virginia volleyball program, of which she is a former participant. Subsequently, she also funded new sand volleyball courts and a new locker room for the team. Her most recent gift, a $5 million commitment supporting the new Lannigan Field complex for track and field, is the largest in UVA Olympic sports program history.


Gifts at Worktennis4

A Milestone for Men’s Tennis

When Brian Boland became the men’s tennis coach in 2001, the program was facing some significant challenges. The team was unranked, scholarships and the operational budget were underfunded, and there were limited indoor courts for training and competition during the winter months. Boland, however, was convinced that UVA could compete for national titles — due in large part to remarkable and loyal supporters. And he was right. The 2013 Men’s Tennis National Championship belonged to the University of Virginia. “It is because of special relationships that our program was able to build our state-of-the-art Boyd Tinsley Indoor Tennis Courts at the Boar’s Head Sports Club in 2006,” Boland explained. “This project solidified us as a national powerhouse in terms of player development, recruiting and providing the best fan experience in all of college tennis. Our indoor facility is living proof that if we center our lives around building quality relationships and work together with our friends, milestones such as this one are within our reach.”

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