McIntire School of Commerce

A central achievement of the McIntire School of Commerce during the campaign was to move back to the Lawn, with its construction of a brand-new facility, Robertson Hall, which now adjoins a thoroughly renovated Rouss Hall. In addition, the school received gifts to establish the Galant Center for Entrepreneurship along with an associated faculty fund, the Center for Global Commerce, and 22 new scholarships and awards. Gifts of more than $40 million for faculty and programs supported the establishment of five new curricular tracks, seven faculty fellowships, the Blue Ridge Leadership Fellows Fund, the Callahan Student Technology Fund, the Ernst & Young High Performing Teams Initiative, the Farish Entrepreneurship Fund and the Wachovia Career Adviser position within the school’s career services office.


Faculty Excellence Fund

Attracting and retaining the best and brightest teachers and scholars is central to McIntire’s constant effort to provide an outstanding education and conduct meaningful research. Gifts totaling $3 million from 20 alumni and parents for merit-based salary increases ensure that McIntire will remain competitive in the global job marketplace. These critical resources enable the school to appropriately recognize top-performing faculty and recruit the best candidates.

Diversity Initiatives

Multiple efforts fueled by private support are helping ensure that the McIntire School is able to recruit a highly talented and diverse student body. Wachovia provided a $250,000 grant enabling the school to hire a career adviser to cultivate students from underrepresented backgrounds, including women, minorities and international students. Additional examples include Ernst & Young’s annual support for academically gifted minority third-year students; Alcoa’s annual grant supporting “Global Skills for Today’s Workplace,” a course for first- and second-year underrepresented minority students; and support from the Big Four accounting firms (PricewaterhouseCoopers, Deloitte, Ernst & Young and KPMG) for LEAP@McIntire, a leadership conference for second- and third-year students from underrepresented minority groups with an accounting interest.

Gifts at WorkRoussRobLawn

McIntire School Moves Back to the Lawn

The McIntire School’s Rouss and Robertson halls were meticulously planned to foster excellence and innovation, values that form the core of the school’s educational philosophy and culture. Conducive to community, interdisciplinary learning and faculty-student interaction, the academic complex has more than a dozen high-tech classrooms, including a Capital Markets Room that simulates a trading floor environment, in addition to the University’s first environmentally friendly “green” roof atop Robertson Hall. Completed just before the spring 2008 semester began, the 156,000-square-foot, $70.5 million academic complex was made possible by generous gifts totaling $45 million, including a lead gift from John Griffin (McIntire ’85) and Amy Griffin (Col ’98) in honor of Julian and Josie Robertson. “Rouss and Robertson halls stand as the embodiment of McIntire’s core, unchanging values,” said Dean Carl Zeithaml. “[The buildings] provide us with the best environment for vigorously pursuing our goal of offering the best business programs in the world.”