March 2014

  • Faculty Forward, a $130 million fundraising initiative to help fund near-term faculty recruitment efforts while also building the endowment to sustain the long-term excellence of the academic core in the College and Graduate School of Arts & Sciences.

  • John Griffin (McIntire ’85) likes to set the bar as high as possible. With his $4 million challenge gift to the University of Virginia in February to support undergraduate students with exceptional academic promise and significant financial need, he challenged other donors to match his gift on a one-to-one basis. The aim was clear: to raise a total of $8 million together for the University’s need-based student financial aid program.

  • The Rotunda renovation enters the next major phase of work in May. During this two-year phase, the Rotunda will be closed to the public.

  • It all began at the Rotunda in 1985. Introduced at a party, students Peter Page (Col ’88) and Valerie Newton (Col ’88) met on the Rotunda steps for their first date.

  • Pay it forward. That’s an adage serving Reginald G. Benbow Jr. well.