November 2014

  • It's a big world out there and big data is part of it. The gift creating the Hobby Postdoctoral and Predoctoral Fellows in Computational Science opens up a whole world of possibilities.

  • As one of six children, Anatevka “Tevy” Ribeiro (Col ’14) knew she would have to pay for college herself.

  • Sophie Carpenter Speidel (Curry ’85) met her husband, Rusty Speidel (Col ’82), on the Lawn in May 1983 on the last day of classes. Do you also have a favorite Lawn memory to share? Please visit and tell us your stories from the Academical Village.

  • A Charlottesville native and the daughter of a University of Virginia civil engineering professor, Sonja Hoel Perkins (McIntire ’88) has UVA and its founder running through her veins. She confesses aspiring to be “a female version of Thomas Jefferson—who was into everything” and even incorporated Jeffersonian ideas into the remodeling of her San Francisco-area home.