September 2016

  • Brandi Durkac (Col ’00) had often heard family stories of a relative who was a renowned scholar of Spanish and Portuguese history. That relative, Charles Julian Bishko (1904-2002), was an admired professor of history who taught at UVA for 39 years.

  • Jill Ferguson (Engr ’17) is exactly the kind of high-potential undergraduate that Chip (Engr ’92) and Belinda Blankenship had in mind when they created a scholarship for promising engineering students.

  • Imagine that you’re a bright young UVA student ready to begin your third year. Brimming with confidence, eager to start that special class or a long-hoped-for internship, you’re confident that all your hard work and sacrifice have paid off. You feel that you’re on track for success.

  • Thanks to a lead gift from Dathel and John Georges of New Orleans, the second floor of UVA’s Clemons Library will be transformed into a center with academic, professional, and personal advising resources available in one location.

  • Mohan Nadkarni, M.D., known to his friends as “Mo,” has two passions when it comes to practicing medicine: serving the underserved and teaching. As chief of general internal medicine at UVA and the Harry T. Peters Jr. Professor of Internal Medicine, Nadkarni has developed a pair of courses for first- and second-year medical students.

  • Robert Thomson (Engr ’50) attributed his success as a paper company executive to the training he received as a chemical engineering major at UVA.

  • Today he’s a first baseman for the Washington Nationals, selected as a first-round draft pick in 2005. At UVA he was an All-American third baseman. Now, with his support through the ziMS Foundation to UVA’s Department of Neurology, Ryan Zimmerman is knocking multiple sclerosis out of the park.