April 2017

  • Like moths to a lightbulb, students are drawn to the video cameras, teleprompter, and eight high-end editing stations in the new Wilson Hall Media Studio.

  • The emerging centrality of the immune system in human health is something Virginia businessman and philanthropist Beirne Carter (McIntire ’48) only could’ve imagined in his lifetime.

  • Larry Sabato (Col ’74) knows how to kick off a campaign. In 2005, he honored a commitment to his mentor, the late Edgar Shannon, who was president of the University when Sabato was an undergraduate. Fulfilling his pledge “to give back to UVA,” he announced a $1 million campaign gift to the Center for Politics.

  • A few select gifts and commitments from spring 2017.

  • The Mystic Order of Eli Banana has never taken itself too seriously. Founded in 1878 with a focus on merriment rather than secrecy, the Eli Bananas don colorful robes and stage marches around Grounds singing irreverent songs and loudly banging on a big bass drum.

  • When UVA Professor of Biology George Bloom moved his laboratory to Virginia in 2000, he saw it as an opportunity to change the direction of his research. Previously, Bloom had concentrated on fundamental issues in cell biology. He refocused his laboratory to investigate the causes of Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases that ravage the lives of millions.