March 2018

  • Young students today face new forms of stress unknown to previous American generations. Whether resulting from the ceaseless nature of the new electronic age or pressures from households where adults must navigate the gig economy, these stressors affect students’ ability to learn. That’s why educators are looking at new ways to help children find presence of mind at school.

  • When most people think of research, they think of scientists in white lab coats, determinedly peering into microscopes and stirring beakers full of brightly colored liquid. Thanks to an $815,000 grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, UVA students and scholars are now enjoying increased opportunities for study in the arts.

  • Although it takes great intellectual ability and academic achievement to get into UVA, students are not alone once they arrive. Support—both financial and social—helps students meet challenges and introduces them to experiences they will never forget.

  • A few select gifts and commitments from spring 2018.

  • The vision is straightforward and powerful: Take the most talented young people wherever they can be found and educate them to become leaders in society. The new Clark Scholars Program will help the School of Engineering and Applied Science do exactly that.

  • Upon discovering a cemetery of enslaved people on their historic Albemarle County farm, John Macfarlane (Darden ’79) and his wife, Dudley, knew they had a unique opportunity to reveal a story long hidden from view. After painstakingly restoring the overgrown burial place, the Macfarlanes vowed to gain a better understanding of the farm’s full history in the context of the souls laid to rest on a hillside marked by 153 gravestones.