Opportunities - Academic & Faculty Excellence


Powerful faculty-student relationships like these are made possible by people like you.


Our Bicentennial

As the University’s bicentennial celebration approaches, we are inspired to look forward—to a brilliant future.

UVA’s world-class faculty is addressing urgent national and global issues of our time. Together we expand minds, challenge conventions and deliver on the promise of tomorrow.

Working with Students

Our faculty are also committed to interacting closely with students in their research endeavors and scholarly pursuits. Adding faculty will keep pace with enrollment growth and maintain this close faculty-student interaction.

How You Can Help

Providing research funds, stipends, competitive compensation and funding for new educational programs is critical to sustaining faculty excellence. There are many ways to support our innovative faculty so that they may mentor and inspire our next generation of citizen scholars:

  • Fund emerging research initiatives to support a proof-of-concept or promising innovation
  • Support interdisciplinary faculty collaborations that strengthen expertise in target areas
  • Establish a fund to support new teaching approaches that stimulate student learning in the classroom, the laboratory, and abroad
  • Endow a professorship or research fund to provide a lasting source of academic vitality
  • Support faculty serving as advisors who help students navigate the big decisions through UVA’s Total Advising program
  • Fund new initiatives to promote faculty-student interaction and undergraduate excellence, such as USOAR
  • Fund travel to conferences and symposia, where faculty establish important connections and enhance UVA’s national and global presence

Faculty Excellence

Amy Yancey