USOAR - Academic & Faculty Excellence


Through USOAR, Sabrina Yen was paired with Mark White, associate professor of commerce and director of the McIntire Business Institute, to analyze the environmental and economic impact of wine production.

What is USOAR?

Close student-faculty interaction is at the heart of USOAR, or Undergraduate Student Opportunities in Academic Research. Through USOAR, students obtain paid research experience—working 5-10 hours a week—and the chance to build strong and thoughtful relationships with faculty.

Who Benefits?

USOAR seeks students with financial need and who come from underrepresented populations, offering them a clear path into college-level research.

Work-study eligible students apply for a research position with a particular faculty member who will oversee their progress throughout the course of the semester or year. Many faculty members offer an ongoing student position that may continue throughout the student’s undergraduate career.

“We want this to be the introductory program into research where the students get experience and can go on to do something great in the future.”

Brian Cullaty

“One of the reasons we want to focus on work-study students, especially those who are very interested in learning about research, is because it’s often harder for those students to get volunteer experience,” said Brian Cullaty, director of undergraduate research opportunities. “Their financial need usually requires them to devote almost any free hours they could volunteer to paid work instead.”

Support for USOAR and its expansion helps educate tomorrow’s leaders and promote the innovative research to advance society.