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Restoring the Jeffersonian Grounds

The Academical Village at the University of Virginia is one of the most iconic architectural sites in America, but time, constant use and the elements have left the Grounds in need of a full renovation and repair. The University plans to restore the Grounds and ensure that the Jeffersonian Grounds remains true to the University’s original, central purpose to engage, connect and inspire students and faculty, learners and scholars.

The priorities for the Jeffersonian Grounds Initiative include:

Renovating the Pavilions – The pavilions house University faculty who live side by side with our Lawn students, preserving Jefferson’s original intention to create an “Academical Village.” Read about the Pavilion III renovation.

Conserving our Historic Gardens and Landscapes – The historic pavilion gardens, Lawn, alleys and associated landscapes of the Jeffersonian Grounds serve as parks and contemplative space for all UVA students, faculty and staff as well as visitors to the Grounds.

Restoring the Lawn and Range – One distinction of the University of Virginia remains the Jeffersonian community of students on the Lawn and Range. Daily life is hard on 200-year-old buildings.  Read more about the Hotel A renovation.

Restoring the Hotels – The Hotels of the Range once housed merchants who served the early University communities and served as their dining halls. Today they house important UVA student services, classrooms and even residents. Check the Hotel A Historic Structure Report.

Repairing the Colonnades and Roofs – Years of accumulated paint have trapped moisture and threaten the integrity of the supporting columns, which still house original Jeffersonian brick. Crews are also working between Pavilions V and VII to restore the roofs to appear much like Jefferson’s original design while continuing to protect the original materials and stop leaks. The University replaced a similar section of roof between Pavilions VII and Pavilion IX in 2010. Read more about the roof renovation.

Building the Endowment – Changes in funding and priorities over time have led to a backlog of repairs to our most treasured buildings. By building our endowment, we protect our current investment and ensure that we can steward these historic structures in the future. Learn more.

Other important priorities for the Jeffersonian Grounds include conducting archaeological studies, conserving architectural artifacts and increasing students’ daily use of the Rotunda.

Visit our Ways to Give page to learn how you can join our efforts to save this remarkable place.

Jeffersonian Grounds Initiative

Woody Wingfield