The Jeffersonian 3rd Century - Jeffersonian Grounds Initiative

The Jeffersonian 3rd Century

October 25th Summit Forum Identifies JGI as One of Three Initiatives

Since the conclusion of the $3 billion Campaign for the University of Virginia, University volunteer leaders have been working on a plan to chart a course for the future. The Jeffersonian Grounds Initiative will play a major role in this endeavor.

The priorities consist of: retaining and recruiting top faculty; restoring and renewing the Jeffersonian Grounds; and providing outstanding students with need-based scholarships and financial assistance.

Several hundred of the University’s most active volunteers gathered for a celebration in Charlottesville on October 25 as they reviewed the campaign highlights, toured new facilities and learned about the campaign’s continuing impact during “Toward Thomas Jefferson’s Third Century: A Forum for University Volunteers and Donors.” The event was co-sponsored by the Jeffersonian Grounds Initiative, National Committee on University Resources (NCOUR) and the College and Graduate School of Arts & Sciences.

Even with the past campaign’s success, needs remain as UVA approaches its bicentennial. Speaking to event attendees, President Teresa A. Sullivan said, “The Jeffersonian Grounds are an American treasure and a distinguishing attribute of the UVA experience. We have an obligation to restore, maintain and steward this unique architectural heritage and ensure that it remains a vital part of student and faculty life.”

The work has already begun with the Rotunda renovation under way. It will continue with a broader initiative that encompasses all of Jefferson’s original buildings and Grounds. Finally, the initiative will build a strong endowment to protect current investment and ensure responsible care for these historic structures in the future.

The goal is to ensure that this American treasure—“the heart of the Grounds,”—remains a vital part of student and faculty life as the University approaches its bicentennial and as plans begin for its third century.



NCOUR members with an interest in historic preservation were presented with an update from David Neuman, FAIA, architect for the University; a grounds tour led by student volunteers; and a reception held in the Rotunda.