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The Lawn as a Living Resource

Annual Events, and Some Special Ones, Transform the Lawn

As Thomas Jefferson conceived it, the college experience should take place within an “academical village” where shared learning infused daily life. He designed the University’s Lawn to be shared space, and today it remains a thriving center of activity for students, faculty, staff, alumni, and visitors from around the world. In just the last few months, the Lawn has been used for meditation, trick-or-treating, and holiday celebrations.

UVA’s Annual ‘Lighting of the Lawn’ Held on Dec. 5

On Thursday, Dec. 5, UVA and the Fourth-Year Trustees hosted the 13th annual Lighting of the Lawn to celebrate the holiday season as a University community while embracing the season of giving by supporting the Wounded Warrior Project. The annual tradition began in the wake of the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, when the Fourth-Year Trustees sought to “bring together the community to heal and reflect.” More than a decade later, the tradition still shines brightly. (more)

UVA Annual ‘Trick-or-Treating on the Lawn’

UVA’s Halloween tradition, initiated in the late 1980s by students, was held on Thursday, Oct. 31st, and was open to all local community members. Children were invited to wear their costumes and take part in trick-or-treating at each of the 54 Lawn rooms. (more)

Hundreds Gather for a Deepak Chopra-Led Meditation on UVA’s Lawn

A hush fell on the Lawn on Tuesday, Oct. 15th as hundreds gathered for a meditation session led by spiritual leader Deepak Chopra. Prize-winning journalist Arianna Huffington gave opening remarks.  Henry Monroe, Heather Hummel, Vivan Pham, and Megan McDaniels were among the many who came to the UVA Lawn to participate in a public meditation session. (more)