Corks & Curls Makes a Comeback - Giving to UVA

Corks & Curls Makes a Comeback

Corks and Curls

For generations, the UVA yearbook Corks & Curls offered alumni a nostalgic reminder of the time they spent at the University. Now, after a seven-year hiatus, the UVA Parents Fund is helping to revive this venerable tradition.

The effort began two years ago when a handful of students became so inspired by the idea of creating a yearbook that they set up a CIO (contracted independent organization), recruited a staff and raised enough money to bring the publication back to life. The Parents Fund, along with alumni supporters, contributed $20,000 in seed money and donated another $5,000 in equipment. The following year, a staff of 17 students succeeded in publishing the first issue of Corks & Curls since 2009. Now 30 strong, the staff has set a goal to sell 750-1,000 books.

The 2014-15 printing of Corks & Curls, including 240 pages of photographs and articles documenting the academic year, arrived in student hands this fall. This year’s book will expand to 280 pages and will include two-page spreads on major events and traditions such as the Rotunda Sing, Fall Convocation, the Lighting of the Lawn and graduation ceremonies.

“The spreads are feature-driven and specific to this year,” said 2015-16 editor-in-chief Marnie Kremer (Col ’16, Batten ’17). “We also include cultural groups and interesting organizations or clubs, things that everyone has a connection to. These are the things that bring us together.”

Yearbook photographers will be on hand at Finals Weekend and other events, trying to get portraits of as many fourth-years as possible. Because athletics are such a big part of the student experience, the writing staff is also present at most varsity sports events, covering not only the coaches and players, but getting the perspective of fans as well.

Kremer is committed to making these memories accessible to all students, which is why nearly half of the Parents Fund’s current-year allocation of $4,480 will be directed to help defray the cost of the book for students who exhibit financial need. The remaining funds will be used for marketing and to purchase necessary photography equipment.

Corks & Curls is really the only documented history of the University year after year that gives a window into what University life was like,” said Tom Faulders, president of the UVA Alumni Association.

Thanks to the support of parents through the UVA Parents Fund, the faces and experiences of 2015-16 will be preserved and serve as a memorable glimpse of the year.