How To Achieve Academic & Faculty Excellence - Giving to UVA

Start with Thomas Jefferson’s revolutionary idea that an educated citizenry is a cornerstone of democracy. The result? At the University of Virginia, a National Historic Landmark and UNESCO World Heritage Site, spreading knowledge, educating future leaders, and helping students learn “to follow truth” is part of our core mission.

Nurture a strong tradition of students and faculty living and learning together. Undergraduates consider the student-faculty bond to be one of the defining features of their time spent at the University. UVA professors are rising researchers, prominent scholars, and dedicated teaching teachers. The Bicentennial Professors Fund enables UVA to recruit dynamic faculty by providing long-term faculty support across disciplines.

Make sure to maintain and train this cohort of first-rate teachers. The Center for Teaching Excellence preserves UVA’s culture of learning by offering services that enhance teaching and professional development of faculty and graduate teaching assistants, keeping alive the magic that occurs when committed teachers challenge eager students in the classroom and beyond.

Prepare students for success in school and for what comes after UVA. Total Advising combines career counseling and personal coaching with connections to mentors and internship opportunities. This new way of thinking about advising gives our students a wide range of resources to make the best use of their time at the University.

Finally, place the best undergraduate researchers and faculty together. The link between the classroom and research is USOAR, the Undergraduate Student Opportunities in Academic Research program. Through USOAR, students engage in investigations with renowned experts in their fields, searching together for new solutions and new ways to understand our ever-changing world.

Opportunities to invest in important academic and faculty excellence initiatives include programs such as the Center for Teaching Excellence, Total Advising, USOAR, and more.