With a Little Help From Parents - Giving to UVA

UVA parents have helped fund Grounds-wide initiatives designed to shape and strengthen undergraduate life. Many of these parents serve on the UVA Parents Fund Committee (PFC), a group dedicated to enhancing the student experience. Working together, members of the PFC and the Parents Fund team identify and allocate funds to areas of need. Below are two recent examples of transformational support.

1515 University Avenue

The Corner has long been a fixture in Charlottesville and a staple of the undergraduate experience. In spring 2017, students and other UVA community members gathered there to celebrate the opening of 1515 University Avenue, the new 15,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art student center. Conceived and designed with student input, the alcohol-free facility features space for people to relax, hold meetings, study, socialize, and perform.

The Parents Fund made a substantial contribution to the center, providing funding to outfit the game room. Located on the facility’s basement floor, the recreational area features free air hockey, foosball, pinball, and pool. John Saer, co-chair of the Parents Fund Committee, summarized the Parents Fund’s contribution: “1515 University Avenue is a shining example of an initiative that will benefit students for years to come. We’re delighted to have played a role in its realization.”

Dathel & John Georges Student Center

Imagine leaving the relative familiarity of high school for a place like UVA, where options are seemingly endless and important life choices abound. For many students, this transition can feel overwhelming. Now, thanks to a generous gift from Dathel and John Georges of New Orleans, students will soon enjoy expanded opportunities for academic and professional development. Mr. and Mrs. Georges, who serve on the Parents Fund Committee, have commissioned a new, comprehensive student advising center located on the second floor of Clemons Library. Serving as a turnkey resource for students seeking guidance, the Dathel and John Georges Student Center will host everything from one-on-one consultations to workshops with partners from around the University. The center will provide career counseling and internship search assistance, consultation about study-abroad experiences, suggestions for undergraduate research pursuits, and wellness counseling.