UVA Reunion Giving

Class of 1979


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Total Dollars Raised


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Total Dollars Raised

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1979 Giving committee Co-Chair

Jeffrey D. NuechterleinA&S

1979 Reunion Giving Officer

Beth BishopDirector of Reunion Giving(434) 924-7698

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Giving Committee

Mrs. Brooke Allen Aaron, A&S
Mrs. Nancy Howell Agee, NUR
Ms. Jill E. Anderson
Mr. John T. Atkins, A&S
Carl O. Atkins, Jr., DDS, A&S
Mr. Thomas M. Baker, A&S
Mrs. Vicki Louk Balint, A&S
Mrs. Eleanor Deane Bierbower, A&S
Mrs. Julia Etheridge Bilicki, A&S
Mr. Michael C. Bisceglia, A&S
Mr. Steven W. Blaine, A&S
Mr. Mark L. Booz, A&S
Ms. Janet Graham Borba, A&S
Mr. Thomas S. M. Brannock, COM
Mr. Robert E. Bremer, ENG
Mr. Daryl G. Brewster, A&S
Stephen D. Brown, MD. A&S
Ms. H. Tracey Brownfield, COM
Mr. Richard W. Bryant, ARC
Ms. Deborah Ann Capone, A&S
Mrs. Rebecca Cannon Carey, A&S
Mrs. Carol Stepka Carter, NUR
Mr. Robert W. Clarke, A&S
Ms. Cindy Eddins Collier, A&S
Mrs. Ann C. Creighton, A&S
Mr. Donald G. DeBuck, A&S
CAPT William H. Duxbury, A&S
Mr. Stephen J. Easley, COM
Mr. Thomas J. Egan, Jr., A&S
Mr. Robert L. Elkins, A&S
Ms. Dagmar Fleischmann Fellowes, A&S
Mr. John D. Fowler, Jr., A&S
Mrs. Kristiane Crane Graham, A&S
Mrs. Betty Wommack Graumlich, A&S
Mrs. Ruth Firsching Haile, ENG
CAPT Marvin H. Heinze, USN (Ret), ARC
Mr. W. Carter Hoerr, A&S
Ms. Barbara Weckstein Kaplowitz, A&S
Lawrence A. Leake, MD, A&S
Ms. Valerie D. Lewis, A&S
Mr. John D. McGavin, A&S
Mrs. Helen Adams McGrath, A&S
Mrs. Mary Christie McIntyre, COM
Mrs. Deborah S. McPhillips, A&S
Mrs. Susan Holman McShane, COM
Dale R. Meyer, MD, A&S
Mrs. Martha Fleming Moore, A&S
Mr. David Scott Nance, A&S
Mr. Jeffrey D. Nuechterlein, A&S
Mr. John T. O'Connell, COM
Francine Annette Olds, MD, NUR
Mr. Patrick A. O'Shea, ENG
Mrs. Pamela Goble Patterson, ED
Mrs. Mary Jane DeMouy Poulter, NUR
Mr. John P. Reiter, A&S
Mrs. Cynthia Brinker Simmons, A&S
Mr. John C. Smith, COM
Mr. Scott G. Stephenson, ENG
Robert L. Stokes, Jr., MD, ED
Mrs. Elizabeth Arendall Tilney, A&S
Mr. Mark E. Tonacci, ENG
Mr. Thomas H. Tullidge, Jr., COM
Mr. Charles H. Turner IV, COM
Ms. Susan P. Webb, A&S

Donor Honor Roll

Denotes Five consecutive years of giving