UVA Reunion Giving

Class of 1983


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Total Dollars Raised


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1983 Giving committee Co-Chairs

David B. Trinkle, M.DA&S
C. S. Brent Winn, Jr.A&S

1983 Reunion Giving Officer

Beth BishopDirector of Reunion Giving(434) 924-7698

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Giving Committee

Mr. William W. Adams, COM
Mr. Wade H. Atkinson, Jr., A&S
Mrs. Trudy Vandergrift Brailsford, A&S
Robert L. Burke, M.D., A&S
Mr. Kemp Dolliver, COM
Mr. William A. Evanow, COM
Ms. Lindsay Griffith Farino, A&S
Mr. Gray Garland, II, A&S
Ms. Kathleen O. Gavin, A&S
Mr. Thomas S. Gayner, COM
Elizabeth S. Higgs, M.D., A&S
Mr. H. Merritt Lane III, COM
Jeffrey T. Lenert, M.D., A&S
Ms. Stephanie E. Mashek, ARC
Mr. Robert E. McCarthy, A&S
Ms. Lois Meade Lea Paalman, A&S
Mr. David L. Potts, A&S
Mr. John W. Rader, Jr., COM
Mrs. Patricia D. Rothwell, A&S
Ms. Kelly Saunders, A&S
Mrs. Patricia M. Strunck, A&S
Mr. Owen D. Thomas, ENG
David B. Trinkle, M.D., A&S
Mrs. Caroline Favrot Trube, A&S
Mr. Andrew M. Vest, COM
Mr. J. Henry Walker IV, A&S
Mr. C. S. Brent Winn, Jr., A&S
Mr. Scott B. Wishart, ENG

Donor Honor Roll

Denotes five consecutive years of giving