UVA Reunion Giving

Class of 1988


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Total Dollars Raised


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1988 Giving committee Co-Chairs

Valerie Newton PageA&S
James R. SocasA&S

1988 Reunion Giving Officer

Gordon WillisAssistant Director of Reunion Giving(434) 924-1062

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Giving Committee

Mrs. Nadine Karlinchak Bates, COM
Mrs. Mary Stuart Cocke Battle, A&S
Mr. Brian E. Boehmcke, ARC
Mr. Turner A. M. Bredrup, A&S
Mark E. Easley, M.D., A&S
Mr. James H. Hammons, Jr., A&S
Mr. David Alan Hyman, A&S
Mr. Derek Cox Irby, A&S
Ms. Elizabeth M. Jacobi, A&S
Libby Y. C. Kot, M.D., A&S
Mr. Bruce I. Lavine, COM
Mr. Wood W. Lay, A&S
Mrs. Patricia Steenberg Leonard, A&S
Mr. Cameron Lester, A&S
Ms. Julie G. Lynn, A&S
Mrs. Carolyn Reynolds Mandell, A&S
Ms. Nona Karnes Massengill, A&S
Mr. Michael J. McCullough, ENG
Maurie D. McInnis, Ph.D., A&S
Mrs. Laura Sullivan McKenna, A&S
Mrs. Jennifer Keown Mirgorod, A&S
Mr. John L. Mitchell, A&S
Mrs. Valerie Newton Page, A&S
Mr. John C. Peoples, A&S
Ms. Joan M. Perry, COM
Mrs. Nancy Byington Rhodes, COM
Mr. Christopher W. Rusbuldt, A&S
Mrs. Susan Wilkerson Snyder, NUR
Mr. James R. Socas, A&S
Adam J. Starr, M.D., A&S
Mr. Jason B. Steinbaum, A&S
Mr. Jeffrey Lance Stredler, A&S
Mrs. Tracy Ray Tucker, A&S
Mrs. Lisa Crockett White, A&S

Donor Honor Roll

Denotes five consecutive years of giving