UVA Reunion Giving

Class of 1993


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Total Dollars Raised


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1993 Giving committee Co-Chairs

Anson H. BeardA&S
J. Patrick CaveA&S
Key Giles MichelCOM
Jane Molster HinesA&S

1993 Reunion Giving Officer

Johnson "Jack" CarpenterAssistant Director of Reunion Giving(434) 924-1047

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Giving Committee

Mrs. Jillian Richardson Bales, A&S
Mr. Anson H. Beard, A&S
Mr. Owsley Brown III, A&S
Ms. Lee A. Campbell, A&S
Justin L. Cashman III, M.D., A&S
Mr. J. Patrick Cave, A&S
Mrs. Shari Fisvitz Ciapka, COM
Mr. David S. Dickenson III, A&S 
Mr. Edwin J. Feinour, A&S
Christopher R. Foley, Ph.D., A&S
Mr. John Hobgood Fontham, A&S
Mr. Drew D. Fox, A&S
Mr. Tim Freilich, A&S
Mrs. Cecily Ruden Healy, A&S
Mrs. Jane Molster Hines, A&S
Eliza T. Holland, M.D., A&S
Ms. Laura Pavelchak Horn, COM
Mr. Matthew T. Iorio, COM
Ms. Tonya N. Jefferson, A&S
Mr. Geoffrey R. Johnson, A&S
Mrs. Shawna Long Johnson, COM
Mrs. Kristen Kelly Joyce, A&S
Mrs. Julie Overfield Leigh, COM
Mr. Rob C. Masri, A&S  
Mrs. Key Giles Michel, COM
Mr. Patrick Benedict O'Meara, A&S
Mr. Erik A. Petersen, A&S 
Mr. Scott A. Price, A&S
Mrs. Meredith Truxillo Schrader, NUR
Paul R. Shin, M.D., A&S
Mrs. Elizabeth Johnson Simmons, A&S
Mr. Wesley R. Stevens, COM
Mrs. Mollie M. Brundage Suhonen, A&S
Mrs. Anne Hightower Trainer, A&S
Mrs. Elizabeth May Wood, A&S
Mr. Tom H. Wood, Jr., COM   
Mr. Madison P. Wootton, A&S

Donor Honor Roll

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