UVA Reunion Giving

Class of 2004


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2004 Giving committee Co-Chairs

Carey J. MignereyA&S
Kevin B. GraneyA&S
Alexis GregorianA&S

2004 Reunion Giving Officer

Margaret FisherAssistant Director of Reunion Giving(434) 924-6727
Antonia MerrillAssistant Director of Reunion Giving434-218-8543

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Giving Committee

Mrs. Kathryn Rooney Agnew, COM
Ms. Joanna Davidson Calabrese, COM
Ms. Jasmine N. Davis, A&S
Elliott H. DeJarnette, V, Esq., A&S
Mrs. Christine Miller Droessler, A&S
Mr. Stephen C. Dutton, COM
Mr. J. Kyle Evans, A&S
Mr. Eric Florin, A&S
Mrs. Kathleen Higgins Galvin, A&S
Mr. Kevin B. Graney, A&S
Ms. Alexis D. Gregorian, A&S
Mr. Jonathan B. Henry, A&S
Mr. John A. Jenkins IV, A&S
Dr. Florence Katie Keane, A&S
Ms. Amanda Berlin Knapp, A&S
Mr. Jeremy D. Kokemor, A&S
Ms. Lara June McCauley, A&S
Ms. Meg K. McGarvey, A&S
Mrs. Courtney Byrd Metz, A&S
Mr. Carey J. Mignerey, A&S
Mr. Charles H. Santiuste, A&S
Ms. Kristin Carroll Tracz, A&S
Walter R.T. Witschey, PhD, A&S
Miss Ashley Cahill Zoeller, A&S

Donor Honor Roll

Denotes Five consecutive years of giving