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Class of 2008


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Total Dollars Raised


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2008 Giving committee Co-Chairs

Neha Kumar AckerlyCOM
Sarah M. BoschungNUR
Hunter P. DeeleyA&S
Brian M. GavronCOM

2008 Reunion Giving Officer

Gordon WillisAssistant Director of Reunion Giving(434) 924-1062

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Giving Committee

Ms. Neha Kuman Ackerly, COM
Ms. Megha Agarwal, COM
Mr. Ernest B. Allen V, A&S
Mrs. Jessica Nelson Basham, COM
Ms. Anne Rafuson Bautista, A&S
Mrs. Hayley H. Blunden, A&S
Mr. Stephen K. Blunden, A&S
Ms. Schafer B. Bomstein, A&S
Ms. Sarah M. Boschung, NUR
Mr. Eric M. Bradbury, ENG
Ms. Lacy Quarles Briney, A&S
Ms. Anne Y. Cho, A&S
Ms. Megan Clark, A&S
Mr. Charles Benjamin Cooper, A&S
Mr. Patrick J. Cronin, A&S
Mr. Hunter P. Deeley, A&S
Ms. Elizabeth J. Bruckmann Dwyer, A&S
Megan Miller Flanagan, A&S
Mr. Wyatt Fore, A&S
Mr. A. J. Frey, A&S
Mr. Brian M. Gavron, COM
Ms. Christina Guthrie Razook, A&S 
Mr. Andrew E. Hasty, A&S
Mr. Benjamin T. Hoelscher, A&S
Erica Siegmund Hough, Esq., A&S
Mr. Alvin P. Howard III, A&S
Ms. Wendy D. Hudspeth, ED
Ms. Esther Hae-eun Kim, COM
Ms. Brittany Collier Ihrig, COM
Mr. Patrick J. Lee, ARC
Ms. Dionna Maria Lewis, A&S
Mr. Patrick A. Martinez, A&S
Mr. A. David Moltz, A&S
Ms. Courtney Fleet Nickels, COM
Ms. Kimberly Spence Oakley, A&S  
Mr. Siddhartha Pailla, ENG
Mr. John M. Piotrowski, A&S
Ms. Corley H. Raileanu, A&S
Ms. Rachel Pollard Rodriguez, A&S
Mr. Garrett L. Sawyer, A&S
Ms. Gabrielle A. Strickland, A&S
Ms. Margaret E. Thornton, A&S
Mr. Edward R. Wolynec, A&S

Donor Honor Roll

Denotes five consecutive years of giving